For what tattoos the soldiers shot the foam of the Germans

History 17/01/20 For any tattoo red shot foam Nemtsev

the German military Tradition of tattoos dates back to the Franco-Prussian war. Then the soldiers depicted on the shoulders of a smiling girl with a beer mug, which he called “cute Ankhen” or a soldier with a Smoking pipe in his mouth, known as “corporal Fritz.” Popular was the emblem of the regiment or name of the native settlement. This fashion came from the merchant seamen in the First world tattoo was the lot of ordinary soldiers, and the nobility, officers considered bad form.

the Situation changed with the coming to power of the Nazis in the military environment there are many people from ordinary people. In the army there was a fashion on swastikas, runic symbols, the “head of Adam” (skull and crossbones), slogans in the style of “Germany above all”, “God with us”, “the Fuehrer. Homeland. Duty.” With the outbreak of the Second world war, the number and variety of tattoos increased.

After the defeat of Germany in the USSR was more than 2 million German prisoners of war, and by may 1950, the camps were only 15 thousand Germans convicted of various war crimes. A well-known researcher of the prison traditions and folklore Colonel Danzig Baldaev studied the tattoo of Wehrmacht soldiers who were in Soviet prisons. The drawings were collected in a separate album.

the Majority of German soldiers did the tattoos in the first period of the war, when their attitude to war was especially strong. The swastikas and runes were added portraits of Hitler. Pilots impale the aircraft, tankers — tanks, and the sailors — the silhouettes of the ships on which he served. They were made on the shoulder and was considered “a regular”. The image was accompanied by heroic slogans or promises to fight to the bitter end.

The soldiers of the SS, in addition to the usual soldiers ‘ drawings was a mandatory tattoo. On the inner side of the left hand 20 cm above the elbow prick of a character group the blood of the soldier. The tattoo was supposed to help the medical workers to save the life of a soldier in case of severe injuries to choose the right blood transfusion. It is believed that military physicians of the Wehrmacht held the analysis of the wounds of the First world war and came to the conclusion that this was the place that was least exposed to damage.

Done tattoo special tongs Gothic, and later regular font. The tattoo was mandatory only formally, but to avoid its application could the SS officers and ordinary soldiers who were on duty, leave or furlough. The letters were made and another soldier of the Reich, which for some reason was treated at the hospital system SS.

Often the Germans with such a tattoo under one arm into captivity did not take. The soldiers of the Soviet Union and the allies shot them on the spot. Did not live up to the camps and Russian collaborators, which was decided on tattoos Nazi or anti-Soviet persuasion.

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