Showbiz on the occasion of Red Nose Day in 2019 at the latest, brings The Latest News and one time in the iconic Am come again. The single, which last came out as a monthly publication in 2015, will be a special Red Nose Day edition will be on sale from Tuesday the 16th of October.

“Yeah, it is pure nostalgia,” says Birte Govarts, and the last editor-in-chief of the magazine, which will be in 2015 has been scrapped. “It’s tienermagazine has a lot of meaning for a lot of the Flemish people. It has to many children to be assisted during the sometimes-harsh realities of the tienerleven.Yeah, was a leader and a taboedoorbrekend, finally, were the young people a place to go to with questions about themselves, their bodies and their self-esteem. Indeed, in the age of the internet, introduced a lot of young people, and the questions that they are not with their parents, afraid to ask, to Am. Therefore, it is also a good Red Nose Day.”

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By themes, such as self-esteem, gender issues, bullying, relationships, and even disease, is, the Am magazine will never be a taboo subject out of the way. Both mental and physical problems at the single covered, and that is also true of Red Nose Day this year and on the commitment: the mental and physical resilience in the young people, and strengthen them. “They, too, Yeah, you may expect the penalty of the testimonials that will include mental as well as physical resilience in the young people. We want to inspire and show young people how to use their mental or physical problems can be overcome. Thus, the Am is a witness of the past, go back and look it up. It bears witness to again in the Am, but let’s talk about how they come up with. Very, very inspiring,” says Birte.

“last But not least a well-known Am-classes will be discussed, such as fashion and beauty, the sex and body section, and, of course, the iconic Am-posters are not to be missed. Who you are is all that will be found in the poster-size is in the Am, blabbing on and on and we haven’t. However, we can tell you that two of the Flemish studs and the cover will be gracing us with a secret who it will be!”


in the Year 2019 at the latest, many of the former Am-the readers themselves became parents. All the Latest News this is one time Yeah, for the Red Nose Day parents have the opportunity to share with their own children, to let them see what they are when he was a teenager to read. So Yeah-the magazine also has to be a way to engage in a dialogue with young people on issues that are not immediately obvious, such as mental and physical toughness.