For that the military of the Bundeswehr disliked the soldier of the army of the GDR

History 26/12/19 For which the military of the Bundeswehr disliked the soldier of the army of the GDR

national people’s army (NPA) of the GDR was established in 1956 and existed until 1990. In the end the number increased to about 90 thousand people, more than half of them — officers and non-commissioned officers. Of the people’s army, they became “loyal”.

After the reunification of Germany on 3 October 1990, the question arose: what to do with these people? The army could change the military command of the Bundeswehr of Germany, to change the principles but to leave the staff, professionally trained and devoted his life to military service in the German army. Instead, the German government decided on the complete elimination of the army of the GDR. And its troops are actually thrown out on the street, where military education is now not able to feed them. The seniority and rank of the soldiers of East Germany in West Germany was not recognized. This is despite the fact that after the Soviet Army NPA was considered the most efficient among the armies of the socialist camp. Major General of the Bundeswehr Ekkehard of Richter admitted: “the NPA was very well organized. It was red the Prussians!”, “and we, the people of Bundeswehr, met the soldiers with respect.” But the Bundeswehr took only a handful of Eastern officers (3,200 people) with reduction in rank by 1 or 2 degrees, and part of the conscripts (only 18 million), to deteriorated. About half of the conscripts were then taken on permanent staff. Until 2005 for them in official documents was the label “served in foreign armed forces.” The Bundeswehr still hated the army of the GDR, because he knew that she carried a bigger threat and that in the event of war NATO with countries of the Eastern bloc that is NPA had with the Russians to destroy the army of the West Germans. 85% of the personnel of the NPA were from 1970 по1982 year in constant combat readiness and scheduled 45 minutes after the Declaration of war was to launch an attack on the West. And West knew it.

In April 1990, the Ministry of national defense of the GDR was abolished and replaced by the Ministry of defence and disarmament (the name itself sounds wild and completely demonstrates the task of the authority). The head of the Ministry was not in the military, and the Democrat-opposition, Berlin Evangelical pastor Rainer Eppelmann. He once refused to serve in the NPA, for which he was arrested. A more suitable person for the role of liquidator of the army of the GDR was not to find. The protests of the officers of the NPA in the calculation are not accepted democratic Germany simply absorbed the GDR in the authoritarian spirit decided the fate of all its institutions. The Germans of Germany did not trust the former Communists, feared that they would sabotage the integration process, Germany.

there were 155 dismissed 23 officers and 22 549 non-commissioned officers of the NPA. This fate befell the last of the Ministers of defence of the GDR, army General Heinz Kessler and Admiral Theodor Hoffmann, who gave his life to army service. Without military pensions and accounting experience and the veterans of the “totalitarian state”. According to Germany, the people who participated in almost all military campaigns of the Soviet bloc (for example, in Syria, Libya, Angola or Ethiopia in 1979), do not deserve the care of the state. All they had to look for work even the lowest class to eat. Most of the equipment, were armed NPA, sold or simply gave in Indonesia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Tunisia and other countries or sent for scrap. In nna’s 2,500 tanks, 6,000 armored vehicles and armored personnel carriers, 300 aircraft. Only 24 copies of the MIG-29 left in the ranks (the first MiGs in the service of NATO). Particularly tragic was the destruction of “Volksmarine” fleet of the GDR from 110 69 combat and auxiliary ships, some of which the United States recognized a very dangerous for their vessels.

Bundeswehr Oberleutnant Rudolf Schlaffer, in an interview MDR said recently on employees of the NPA: “They are for a very short time, lost professional future. Before that, they thought that perhaps the suthe threats of the two armies in one state”. In addition, Schlaffer noted that a small number adopted from East Germany into the German army due to the fact that “many clearly said that they did not wish to serve in the armed forces of the former class enemy. Another part knew, it is likely that they will not accept because of the secret service. Therefore, some had more then fire”. Many officers of the GDR it was hard to watch as “imperialist aggressive army of Germany” comes into East Germany and part of the East Germans wearing their uniforms. Oberleutnant Udo Besser, who served in the NPA, and then in the Bundeswehr, said: “I basically do not go to any appointments of ex-military NPA for the reason that you first meet is very warm, nice welcome, but after the third Cup of beer again called a traitor!”. Those who are thrown out of the army after the unification, still can’t forgive.

Konstantin Dmitriev

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