Debbie Mucarsel Powell praised Maria Elvira Salazar, Miami Republican Rep., for calling for bipartisan action.

An ex-Democratic congresswoman from Florida replied to Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York. This was after Ocasio-Cortez claimed that the United States and its trade embargo had “contributed to Cuban civilians who suffered for 62 years under Communist regime of Castros and their current heir Miguel Diaz-Canel.”

Former Rep. Debbie Mucarsel Powell, whose Florida Keys District flipped Republican after ex-Miami County Mayor Carlos Gimenez defeated it in 2020, stated “Your World that there is only one entity to blame for Cuban unrest, suppression of rights, and the rest are responsible.

“What we are seeing in Cuba is something we haven’t seen in over62 years,” she stated, citing Fidel Castro’s 1959 overthrow by President Fulgencio batista.

“Cubans of all ages are protesting for freedom in the streets. Cuba’s dictatorship, the Cuban government is to blame for what’s been happening in Cuba. It has also been a Communist regime that has repeatedly violated human rights.

Mucarsel Powell said that she, like many Miamians, knows many people who fled Cuban rule. She also knows others who have relatives on the island. It is only 90 miles from Key West. Castro was unjustly imprisoned.

They are marching for justice and freedom. It defeats the purpose. This effort must be united. She said that it should not be partisan.

Mucarsel Powell praised her South Florida lawmaker, Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar, Miami Beach, who called on Democrats and Republicans alike to unite against Diaz Canel’s regime, and its treatment civilians.

She also claimed that Trump had made Cuba’s situation worse by unilaterally – in a global context- taking economic action against Cuba. This she said was a failure because the pressure against the regime is insufficient without the support of other partner countries.

“We must work multilaterally with our Latin American allies, and in Europe to pressure the regime. She stated that the dictatorship must end.

However, host Neil Cavuto noted that James E. Carter had tried to push Cubans to seek asylum in America – but was instead subject to Fidel Castro “pulling an even faster one” by emptying jails and consenting to a “flotilla”, of unvetted people that created trouble for South Florida.

“Who’s to say that Diaz-Canel won’t pull off a stunt like this?” He asked.

Mucarsel Powell said, “This is an extraordinary moment.” “What we are seeing is historic. This is why we have the chance to make a difference.

“Let’s be honest. Let’s get together. Maria made some very interesting comments about me. It’s wonderful to hear from Salazar that he wants to work with President Obama. Let’s do it… Cubans ask for our support,” she stated.

“We can’t blame anyone but the Communist regime in Cuba that failed to govern.”