Series A, Dries Mertens, and co. revolteren to their own, Naples-president, Aurelio De Laurentiis, that is, that a boycott may not even be good enough for you. The eccentric film maker spins yarn for the controversy, and has a rich “palmares” to grofgebekte of statements, and sometimes as the red-line “Players for the Premier League want to know that in the Uk women are their genitals and don’t wash.”

From Italy, looking, no one of that City’s Laurentiis (70) is once again in the eye of the storm is. It seems to be yet another episode in the De Laurentiis’show. Since the football club based in Naples, in 2004, took over the traditieclub was a secretary and ended up – he was in the first instance, a name and a reputation, fast, sporty, success. After two seasons in Naples, again in the Serie A, and it grew rapidly. In this decade, and bivakkeert in the Southern Italian club at the top of the leader board. The Champions League has to be a regular visitor to the City.

with that popularity caught the attention of the enigmatic personality of The Laurentiis on. In football, he launched the revolutionary ideas, that is the sacred cows, and to avoid any grofgebekte language. As for FC Bayern, in Germany, once known as FC Hollywood because the club and the players extrasportieve’s excesses in the news, The Laurentiis, with his strong style of Naples, is also a key player in a voetbalsoap.

Take the high Hollywoodgehalte by De Laurentiis, feel free, literally. As well as nearly the whole of the family De Laurentiis, he has put his status in the film business. Uncle Dino, as a great founding father. He began his career in 1946 as a company, with the oscarbekroonde the film ‘La Strada’, the world famous Italian director, Federico Fellini created a sensation it would make. Dino has produced a total of nearly 150 films, including the valves of Ingmar Bergman, David Lynch and Stephen King. City, acted as a nephew, is following in the footsteps of the Dinosaurs the film production company Filmauro. In Italy, he earned good money, with a very successful kerstkomedies, which are, reportedly, more people came to watch the Harry potter movies.