Living room. We have a soon to be home to a private waste water treatment plant? That would seem to be able to, because Hydraloop is a device launched in that up to 85 per cent of our household waste water recycles. In a time of climate change, with water becoming increasingly scarce, there is some setup to good use. The investment of 3,500 euros in 5 to 7 years are up.

The Flemish people consume an average of 114 gallons of water per day. Of 61 gallons, or 54 per cent of them are consuming, we are in the shower, on the toilet, and washing machine. Due to the installation of the waterrecyclagesysteem Hydraloop can be up to 85 per cent of municipal wastewater is recycled for the toilets, the washing machine, for watering the garden and filling the swimming pool.

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