During the urban Germany is gradually taken from a diesel rigid, brings to the city of Kiel, a fresh Wind to the discussion on fine dust values, and driving bans. On multi-lane Theodor-Heuss-Ring you had last week, a “city air cleaner”. This is a white Container with slots, and a blower that sucks in the street air, filtered and disturbing particles – re-launches. Also oxides of nitrogen in Kiel is no longer a Chance. You are kind of sucked out of the transport.

May elsewhere be fainthearted gekrittelt to the limit values – not as in Kiel. Since you are trying undaunted, the great solution and when the temperature of the earth itself. After a few days, the location of the vacuum cleaner has become a place of pilgrimage. Infrastructure for tourists, lured by reports in the media, never want to look Seen, asthmatics experience the old phrase “city air makes you free”. Studies are yet to show whether the residents can now breathe a sigh of relief.

a Few of the house numbers from the location of the air cleaner removed an official measuring device, the determined for years, much to high pollutant values. 40 micrograms of nitrogen oxides per cubic metre of air are allowed in the average, 60 micrograms of in the past year. Here is a driving threatens to ban.

so now this pilot project, the city of Kiel, flanked with a second measure: Soon to be diesel vehicles are to drive on the right lane of the Theodor-Heuss-ring – those of the instrument is not allowed to the next use – but on the left lane to Dodge to increase the distance of the exhaust pipes to the measuring point by a few meters. It relies on a pollutant-reducing turbulence.

May be it is inspired also by the neighboring city of Hamburg, in the two streets, in which measuring devices are, for diesel vehicles unceremoniously locked. The to travel through other streets.

So far the facts. Even before it is clear what the air purification and the Measurement by-pass the Theodor-Heuss-Ring on discharge, it is possible to determine how stimulating the attempt. He guides the thoughts.

What if the car manufacturers take up the Kiel idea? VW could equip all of the Golf Diesel as standard with a fine dust vacuums and therefore an additional purchasing incentive offer. You could revive the discontinued model “Scirocco” as a type designation.

This article dates back to the TIME no 08/2019. Here you can read the entire issue.

The device is located in a recess in the trunk and connected to the cigarette lighter socket, always used when the kids have spilled down the interior fully. It has a second function. As soon as a air shows the measuring device in the proximity of high values, rush – alerted by an App – a couple of Golf-the driver, and suck the air around the measuring spot clean. Here it will turn out as an advantage that the Scirocco is equipped with a double filter technology, for interior and exterior alike.

Well to such a solution, the Planetary extended neighbourhood principle. The drivers, which have polluted the air Yes, not only rid your area of the particles, they also make a contribution to the global environmental protection, can take Russia and China, for example.

The question of course is, how now in Kiel: What happens with the FEIN vacuum cleaner bags? You will be picked up by municipal workers, such as pine trees and Foliage, just around the year? Here, under certain circumstances, the new costs could arise, new jobs are, of course.

Moreover, the fine dust could be collected once and in a big way, the coarse dust can be compacted, pressed again, and in brickyards burned, the brick culture would be sustainable thrust. You will not believe what is possible if one loosens blockages of the Mind.

However, small fly in the ointment – it has been one of the pioneer city of Kiel a Demonstration against the new technology, because the city has made air cleaner in the middle of the bike path. The cyclist should know: without a victim, it will not go.