History 30/12/19 “Fighter for peace”: what Hitler was nominated for Nobel prize

it is well known that after the Nobel prize was awarded to the anti-fascist Karl von Seckau, Hitler issued a decree according to which the citizens of the Reich were forbidden to receive this award. However, after 3 years for the award was nominated the Fuhrer himself. How could this happen? And why actually Hitler didn’t appear in the final list of nominees?

the Nobel prize under the ban

This story really began with Carl von Osickova. If you believe the author of the book “Frederick the Great Unknown”, Maxim Belski, Osetsky, which, incidentally, did not belong to any party, even before the coming to power of the Nazis, called Hitler “a terrible misfortune and a misfortune for the Germans.” Being himself a German citizen, publicist literally mocked Nazi ideology and its false propaganda. Karl von Osetsky one of the first publicly criticized Adolf Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” as racist. Bold statements of a journalist cost him his life.

After the establishment of the dictatorship Osiecki was in a concentration camp. Hard work and harsh camp conditions undermined the health of anti-fascist: he died of tuberculosis in may 1938. However, according to Kirill Sukhomlinov on the pages of his book “the Doctors that changed the world”, shortly before his death at the initiative of albert Einstein and Thomas Mann to Karl von Seckau was awarded the Nobel prize. Infuriated, Hitler declared Norway that, while she does not cancel the award Sarcoma, German scientists will not be nominated for this award. The Norwegian authorities in turn referred to the fact that the Nobel Committee is outside their jurisdiction.

Hitler – “fighter for peace”

Despite the fact that in 1937, Adolf Hitler signed a decree forbidding the citizens of the Reich to receive the Nobel prize, he was himself butmined on it two years later. Janusz Wisniewski writes in his book “Bikini”, the candidate of the Fuhrer made for a preliminary discussion by the Nobel Committee of the Swedish politician, member of Parliament, Erik Gottfrid Christian Brandt. It should be noted that Brandt called Hitler a “warrior for peace” and suggested that the dictator “is able to bring peace to Europe and the rest of the community.”

the Proposal of Brandt caused a lot of noise. After that, some students even refused to attend his lectures. But in fact, Brandt was the anti-fascist and considered the nomination of Hitler for the Nobel prize as a “satirical criticism” against another candidate, Neville Chamberlain, known for his “policy of appeasement”. In addition, in the 1930-ies in the Scandinavian countries increased Pro-fascist sentiments, to which his extravagant act also wanted to attract the attention of Brandt. At least, so he argued to himself.

the Rejection of the candidacy

However, according to some historians, in those years, many really believed that Adolf Hitler the peacemaker. Alexander Osokin, the author of “the great mystery of the Great Patriotic war: eyes wide open” and is confident that the emergence of such views contributed to the Munich agreement. According to Osokin, Western society really has positioned the four signatories of the aforementioned agreement, as true fighters for peace in the world. No wonder that in 1938 Hitler was named “man of the year”. The nomination of the Fuhrer for the Nobel prize, according to Osokin, was also associated with the Munich agreement.

joking or not Hitler was among the nominees for the Nobel peace prize, but you cannot deny the fact that the Committee still made a dictator in the preliminary list. 1 Feb 1939 his name there, of course, struck out. However, Janusz Wisniewski confidently said that the Committee members did it solely on the initiative of Josef Goebbels. As Wisniewski says, GabbeLs knew that soon the war will begin, and the Nobel prize simply will not happen. However, the information that, despite the absurdity of the idea that Adolf Hitler really nominated for the peace prize, forever preserved on the tablets of history.

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