Felix Magath, who is otherwise so offensive in forecasts, cannot predict what will happen next at Hertha BSC. “The general meeting is on Sunday. And the whole club is in the dark,” says the outgoing veteran coach, who had just led the capital club to relegation, the “kicker”. “I don’t think anyone knows how Hertha will continue.”

A lot is hanging in the balance in the West End, the club is facing another upheaval after a disappointing season. At least Magath’s successor seems to have been found. According to a report by “Kickers”, the Berliners agree with Sandro Schwarz, who is currently still training Dynamo Moscow. However, there was no confirmation on Friday. The club is not involved in speculation, Hertha said. Schwarz, former coach of 1. FSV Mainz 05, is still contesting the Russian Cup final against city rivals Spartak with his current club Dynamo Moscow on Sunday. After that it could be announced.

Things are happening in quick succession for the Berliners this week. On Monday the relief at staying up in the league in Hamburg, on Tuesday the departure of President Werner Gegenbauer and CFO Ingo Schiller. On Wednesday, Gegenbauer handed out against million-dollar investor Lars Windhorst. The tense general meeting follows on Sunday, at which Windhorst wants to give a speech.

As usual, Magath finds clear words for how much work the new coach and managing director Fredi Bobic has to do: Everything has to be changed at Hertha. “I felt almost no support anywhere. One or the other tried, but I never had the feeling that the club was fighting relegation,” said the 68-year-old. Squad, club, environment: Magath sees construction sites everywhere.

Bobic leaves no doubt that fundamental changes are necessary. “Now is the time and the last sign for everyone, not only in the club but also in the environment to understand what it means to go through difficult times. This relegation was the last chance,” said Bobic.

The 50-year-old expects a more attractive style of play from the new coach. “I want to see aggressive football, forward, not backward. Our football was marked by passivity,” said Bobic during the week. The coach must bring “personality and fire for Hertha”.

But as the last remaining doer, Bobic is more concerned than ever with keeping the club together. The managing director is very concerned that there will be a fan revolt at the meeting. Because even if Gegenbauer forestalled a possible deselection: it won’t get boring in the exhibition halls. If the entire Executive Committee is voted out, there will be a dangerous paralysis in the decision-making bodies in the planning phase that is so important for the coming season.

“We have to know what is important. We have to remain capable of acting, we need continuity,” demanded Bobic.

It will be exciting to see how the members react to the investor. In the past few weeks, a poster has been hanging in the Hertha fan block with the inscription: “Windhorst and Gegenbauer out”. In return, it remains to be seen whether Windhorst, who has already invested around 375 million euros in the club, has the prospect of new funds and what conditions these would be subject to.