At their conference in Wilhelmshaven, the environment ministers of the federal states spoke out in favor of a speed limit on motorways. “We must also promote climate protection through a speed limit,” said the chairman of the conference, Lower Saxony’s Environment Minister Olaf Lies (SPD), on Thursday.

It is true that Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia noted in a memorandum that they considered the effect of a speed limit to be limited and did not support it “for reasons of proportionality”. The resolution, which also contains other points on climate protection and the effects of the war in Ukraine, was passed unanimously with the votes of these two federal states, said Lies.

Such a ministerial vote had never existed before. A height of the required speed limit was not mentioned in the decision. Read favors Tempo 130.

At the same time, the environment ministers, together with Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke (Greens), spoke out in favor of limiting the use of biofuel from cultivated plants by changing the law. In Germany alone, 2.4 million tons of feed and food are used to produce bioethanol as a fuel additive. “We want plates instead of tanks,” said Lies. “I think it would be wiser if we use the land to grow food.” Lower Saxony is chairing the conference of environment ministers this year.