(OTTAWA) One of Canada’s largest labor disruptions has entered its sixth day, as the union representing thousands of striking public service workers seeks to block access to ports.

The Public Service Alliance of Canada says more than 100,000 of its employees are still on strike, some of whom will move their picket lines on Monday to strategic locations more likely to impact the federal government.

National President Chris Aylward says Ottawa tabled an offer on Saturday afternoon, which the union countered with its own proposal the same day.

However, the office of Treasury Board President Mona Fortier says it made a second proposal on Saturday to which the union did not respond by Sunday evening.

Earlier at the weekend, the two sides accused each other of miscommunication as teams negotiated over pay rises and the right to work from home.

The two sides have been at odds since negotiations began in June 2021, and the union insists it can find another source of funding if it depletes the strike fund it has been using to pay strikers since Wednesday. .