The NBA and The Golden State Warriors will be in the NBA for a long period of time without a star player, Stephen Curry should have done. The topschutter of the team to his home to play San Francisco in San Francisco, broke last night in the thuisduel against the Phoenix Suns on his left.

as He was walking to the break up in a duel with Aron Bayens, in the center of the Sun. Of course, the Warriors were already well behind at the time, that Curry went out. Despite a final sprint in the fourth quarter was the six-time NBA champion, a defeat will not turn away the punishment thereof. It’s been 110-121 Phoenix.

the Golden State was, after the race, the break of the 31-year-old Curry announced in a short post on Twitter. According to ESPN, would be Grilled on his second metacarpal, the bone of the index finger, with the handwortelbeentjes links have broken.Coach Steve Kerr was able to after the press conference to confirm that the Curry and today’s computed tomography (CT) scan, will have to undergo in order to determine whether or not surgery is necessary. The period of time, it is still not known.

with The injury to Curry, it is a heavy blow to the Golden State. The team also needs to have the spring in her star, Klay Thompson’s miss with a torn cruciate ligament in the left knee. Of course, the Warriors, the NBA champions in 2015, 2017, and 2018, and are therefore invisible at the beginning of the season. They could be one and only one of their first four matches to win.