Tielt is A 31-year-old driver from Tielt on Tuesday, the City police judge and sentenced to a conditional prison sentence of up to one year, a fine of 4,000 euros and a five year driving ban after fatal accident in Meulebeke-belgium. Notwithstanding, he was in his car on a voorrangsweg reed, thought that the magistrates Moved D. is, however, entirely responsible for the accident because he was about 160 km/h and reed, and it is only 70 km/h is allowed.

november 16, 2018 and beyond, found along with the Tieltstraat in Meulebeke, a serious collision is around 1 in the morning. Dominique Van Landuyt (53) from the Director, came up with his Audi, the subsidiary Vijfstraat, and it was filled in and the edge is gripped by the BMW’s from the John D. because of the heavy blow, broke the seat belt, the victim is the piece which makes it still out of the car, was thrown, and on-the-spot death. The road was strewn with rubble, and parked cars, Audi’s S-Line of the owner of the restaurant is Fried near the cut in chunks.