Failed ruler of Russia: what has become of ataman Kaledin

History 29/01/20 Failed ruler of Russia: what has become of ataman Kaledin

the US President Woodrow Wilson made clear to the leadership of the young Soviet Republic that America does not support its policy and hopes to change the state of the course. At the same time, Americans worked to support anti-Bolshevik forces in Russia.

What is really needed Americans

According to Soviet and Russian historian-americanist Eduard Ivanyan, the March message from Wilson addressed to the IV extraordinary Congress of the Soviets, pursued one main goal – to strengthen the US position on the Russian market, knocking on it with your worst enemy, Germany, and the Japanese, depriving the latter a dominant position in Asia and on the Pacific coast. Ratification of the Brest peace Treaty Russia was not in the interests of the United States.
the President of America expressly stated that it would be better Advice along with the US and its allies to work together on the creation of democratic and liberal Russian government, and from the road to socialism it is necessary to refuse.

Alexey Kaledin as the hope of the West

According to the findings of American historian Ronald E. Powaski, the most active supporter of the American anti-Bolshevik policy was the U.S. Secretary of state Robert Lansing. After signing by Russia and the Central powers Brest-Litovsk peace Treaty, the Americans, it became clear that the only way to preserve its interests in this situation remains the overthrow of the Bolshevik regime counter-revolutionary-minded forces operating in the Soviet Republic.

In this regard, the rate on the Cossack ataman Alexey Kaledin was no accident: he had great authority among the don Cossacks, on the whole inimical to the Bolshevik regime (however, as shown by the developing events, this confidence soon disappeared). In addition, he he was a staunch monarchist, an opponent of the Interim government and hero of the First world war, distinguished in the famous Brusilov breakthrough. Kaledin before the October revolution, in the summer of 1917, as the don ataman has publicly made clear his vision of the principles of a state system of Russia as a Republic, without any revolutionary movement. Alexey Kaledin, Lavr Kornilov and Mikhail Alekseev was the main Russian military leaders-the organizers of the mass armed resistance to the Bolsheviks.
In the December Memorandum, 1917, Robert Lansing wrote that the only way to create a stable Russian government to achieve a military dictatorship, and capable of such action is ataman Kaledin with subordinate troops.

How the US supported Kaledin

Writer and historian Vyacheslav Vasyukov cites the fact that US policy regarding the support of Alexey Kaledin, was similar to the actions in this direction on the part of the Entente: the country’s anti-Bolshevik bloc also financed the White movement. According to Vasyukov, the U.S., unlike England and France, was not formally involved in the division of spheres of influence in Russia (according to the Memorandum signed by these countries in December 1917, the Soviet Republic was divided into oblasti-“overreach” of the British and French). Later, the United States and Japan also got their “regions of influence” – the far East and Siberia.

a member of the American diplomatic mission Truman Smith repeatedly informed the US state Department about the need to allocate money to help anti-Bolshevik forces, including Kaledin. Vyacheslav Vasyukov quotes the letter of the US state Department, aimed to Paris, where it is proposed through the mediation of England and France to provide financial support to Kaledin movement (the money provided by America, had to pass Kaledin representatives of the Entente).
it is Difficult to say what amount ultimately allocated to US for equiet purposes and what was the periodicity of the data trenches. The document mentions the intention to provide a loan Kaledin (!) half a million dollars. The British simultaneously, the negotiation process was transferred to the South of Russia was 120 million pounds.

Why the hope of America is not justified

Genrikh Ioffe in the book “the White matter. General Kornilov,” wrote that shot himself in February 1918, Alexey Kaledin disappointed in himself as in the Cossack ataman. Numerous defeats of his troops in battles with the red army and the outflow of the Cossacks to the Bolsheviks, Kaledin convinced that a leader in this environment it is no longer. This fact he emphasized in a suicide letter to General Alexeyev.

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