Extend the self-isolation in Novosibirsk until the end of summer? Experts forecast

Regions after Moscow weaken quarantine measures. In the Sverdlovsk region from day to day will open shopping centers in the Tyumen region were allowed to run shops with an area of up to 400 squares (and under this format includes most of the mass-markets). In Novosibirsk the mode of isolation while there is no change — it was extended from 11 may until the end of the month. And will there be in the coming weeks, shopping centres, markets and food establishments is unclear.

the Decision to weaken the regime of self-isolation or not is largely political. On one side of the scale — control over the incidence of coronavirus, on the other — economic stability of the region. Situation with the incidence is not improving — every day a diagnosis of “coronavirus infection” put 70-75 from Novosibirsk. Can the authorities in this situation to prolong the state of isolation till the end of summer to stop the spread of the virus? Or they will be allowed to work all in a row, to avoid the collapse of the economy? We asked the scientists Elena Shevtsova, candidate of political Sciences, associate Professor of municipal and public administration branch of Ranepa under the President of the Russian Federation, and Dmitry Bereznikova, candidate of political Sciences, associate Professor of mass communications Institute for the Humanities of the NSU.