Experts told why to undergo MRI examination at different places — not best idea

If the time to take care of yourself, you can avoid the development of complex processes in the treatment of the disease. But this is not enough. In order to more clearly track changes in the body and to obtain the most accurate MRI results, it is recommended to undergo dynamic study on one machine and one doctor. Therefore, in the foreground, the quality of the equipment and competence of the expert.

Not all scanners are able to detect the problem: they’re functionally different from each other. Some detect only gross pathology, and with the other you can see micropool. And if the first study showed a deviation, and again, no, it does not mean full recovery. Diagnostics on different machines may lead to erroneous interpretation of the result.

“MRI Expert” conducting research on the scanners of expert class of closed and semi-closed type. According to the Director of the center of candidate of medical Sciences Gennady Yarina, they allow you to see structural changes in the tissues even at 1-2 mm. MRI performed with any frequency, because the procedure diagnose the condition of the internal organs and soft tissues without radiation exposure and radiation. Duration of study — from 15 minutes and the results sent to your email in 1-2 hours.