Ex-partner of Levi Bellfield, Rebecca Wilkinson was mum to his four daughters. She told the Mirror that she believed ‘his claims about him murdering Lin and Megan Russell’. These were made in a letter addressed to Paul Bacon.

Ex-killer of Milly Dowler, Levi Bellfield, said that he murdered a mother and her daughter after his “confession”.

This week, Bellfield allegedly admitted to the murders Megan and Lin Russell. This confession could be a proof of the innocence of Michael Stone (61), who claims that he was wrongly imprisoned for the 1996 murders.

Rebecca Wilkinson was the ex-partner of Bellfield, and was also mum to his four children. She told The Mirror that she believed his claims.

Bellfield’s mother, Ms Wilkinson, said to the Mirror that she believed it. After his mum’s death, I knew he would speak it.

They were together for six year in the 1990s, but split one year prior to the murders by Megan Russell and Lin.

After yesterday’s revelation, she added: “It is just unbelievable really.” “I think I’m fortunate to be alive.”

Stone’s barrister Mark McDonald stated that he would ask Scotland Yard to investigate and will write to them this week.

Lin Russell, 45; Megan, six-year-old, and Josie (nine year old) were tied up with a hammer and beat their dog in Chillenden.

Lin, Megan, and the dog both died. Josie survived.

McDonald’s said that it was time for the Met review this case and to interview Bellfield. That’s what they want.

“We will be writing the Met this week to ask them to look into the case.”

Link” href=”https://www.mirror.co.uk/all-about/kent-police”>Kent Police, who carried out the original investigation: “This is not a police force that should be looking at this.”

He said: “Michael Stone, innocent, must be immediately freed from prison.

“Stone is in prison for 26 year despite ample evidence that this is an injustice to justice.”

Bellfield told Mr Bacon that he was wearing a “pair of marigold washing-up gloves” and that he had the hammer in the right hand while he stopped the Russell family from walking down a lane.

Although he claimed he intended to attack Lin, a quick change occurred when he heard the screams of Megan Russell and Josie Russell.

The statement, which is 14 paragraphs long, describes how he led Russells off a track before they killed him and then drove back home to Twickenham before heading to work.

He claimed that he threw his hammer into the Thames at Walton, Surrey the next day.

The statement ended by saying that it was his first crime, and another person was arrested for it. He then apologized to Stone and the Russell families ‘for my heinous actions’.

Bellfield’s “confession” raises serious questions, including evidence from his ex-wife that she was present on the day of the murders.

Jo Collings provided evidence to support a 2008 Met police investigation that she and Jo were in Kent for Jo’s 25th birthday.

Bellfield was questioned by Ms. Collings who testified against him and is called “the last person to try to protect him.”

“I hate to admit it, but I can tell you that he didn’t do it.”

Bellfield, a former bouncer and car clamper, is currently serving a life sentence in connection to the 2002 murder of Milly Dowler (13),

He was also convicted of the murders of Marsha McDonnell, Amelie Delagrange, and the attempted murder Kate Sheedy. He will not be eligible for parole.

McDonald’s admitted that Bellfield’s statement is not in the public domain. This raises the possibility that McDonald’s has created it from known facts.

Colin Sutton, a former Met detective, claimed that Bellfield was in the area when he made the claim to him last year.

“Knowing Bellfield well, this could be him playing mind tricks.”

Last night, the Met Police didn’t comment.