As at 23. June 2016 approved by a majority of the British people for the Brexit, was from the beginning of the disintegration of the Union speech. The Ghost of Frexit made the round from Nexit, from the Öxit and Italexit. The EU acted as a waidwundes animal. Not if but when it would die – that seemed to be the only question. His place is an old Acquaintance appeared. The nation-state raised its mighty head. He promised to its citizens protection and assistance.

where the Union failed, he would find the solution at the boundaries. “We want back our country!” – the Slogan of the Brexiteers had in other European countries. And this country will be freed from the shackles of the Union, a strong country. That was the promise.

one and a Half year later, we see a very different picture. The Union of 27 States with a clearly audible voice, while in London for months, a cacophony rises. The European Union has been in negotiations concluded, while London is sinking into a political crisis at the end of which many can stand, but not a stronger Britain.

The EU has done good, contrary to expectations. This is amazing. After all, we have been accustomed for a considerable time to the image of a Union which is torn apart by internal conflicts. Brussels is in fierce dispute with Poland, with Hungary, with Italy, and soon one could inflame with Romania. It’s not about the little things, the independence of the judiciary, media freedom and rights of the Opposition – so the foundations of the European Union. The speech from the disintegration of the Union, which emerged after the vote of the British people, has a real basis. The existential crisis of the EU was and is no Chimera.

The hardness of Brussels is not a punitive action

Nevertheless, neither Poland nor Hungary nor Italy nor anyone else during the more than year-long ongoing Brexit-shot negotiations, cross. This can only mean that the governments of these countries know what they have to the Union. You prefer to stay indoors, because it is apparently colder. However, this formula has a sinister connotation, such as especially the example of Hungary shows. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán takes a lot of grateful billion from Brussels, while he agitates against the EU, as they would be an occupying power. He sits in the grocery store and stuffs the stomach, while he smashes at the same time and systematically the expenses and shelves. Similarly, Matteo Salvini, the currently most successful Italian politician and current Minister of the interior. He attacked Brussels without ceasing, because he is capable of winning at home votes. Neither Orbán nor Salvini stay in the EU because they believe in your value – you stay because you have a Use.

The EU remained in the Brexit negotiations concluded, because they offer their members is still a lot of to. That’s why she was allowed to to the United Kingdom in the core points can not be resilient. You had to prove that the disadvantages, those who leave the Union. The hardness of Brussels compared to London, no criminal action against the British, but a vital attitude. Only as long as the advantages of remaining within the Union, the Union in one Form or another.

There is no reason for joy, however for Brussels. Its negotiating strength when you Brexit, you should not interpret it as a General strength of the Union. That would be a gross error. The Brexit, as it may come – is a dramatic weakening of the Union. The EU is not fighting, that makes you bad, but you do not also filled with the force. If you want to see the Brexit as a duel between the nation-state and the Union, has won him the community. But the EU is severely damaged.

convinced Some Europeans will feel in the face of confusion in London, gloating. Others will take the Chaos as proof that the nation-state serves as a model. Finally, you can wear it to the grave – for the umpteenth Time?

But it would be short-sighted and wrong, the Brexit-to dismiss the vote as a crazy bat in the in any case always been something of a strange British. The British, who have voted in favour of the Brexit, had a dream – they believed and believe that the nation-state can help you open up better prospects. You should rise now. Because that dream you were dreaming only, because the EU is not able to provide them with what they needed – a home. The longing is not limited to, the exit consent to the British. There’s a glance to Italy enough. If this desire is denounced as yesterday’s, narrow-minded, reactionary, as in principle suspect, will avenge the bitter.