Eugene Stakhiv: how banderovets created Krasnodon

History 01/01/20 Eugene Stakhiv: how banderovets created Krasnodon “Young guard”

Around Krasnodon “Young guard”, who fought with the Nazis during the great Patriotic war in independent Ukraine there was a lot of speculation. According to one version, the organization of the Donbas youth really existed, but was not created by the Communist underground and Ukrainian nationalists.

“Young” Stakhiv

From the book “the Last molodogvardeets”, released in 2004, one could dismiss it as another opus in the genre of “Ukrainian folk-history”, if not the personality of its author. Eugene Stakhiv, who was born in the Polish city of Przemysl, was a member of the OUN* since 1934. During the occupation of Ukraine by the Germans nationalist went to the Donbass. He was a member of the so-called South “marching band, OUN*”, whose task was to create new cells of the Bandera movement in naddniprianschyna (zapadentsy so-called Eastern Ukraine). Stakhiv supervised regional “wire” (staff) OUN* in Donetsk (Stalino) before the arrival of the red Army. In 1944, he left Ukraine. Later, while living in Germany and the United States, occupied prominent positions in the nationalist emigre organisations.

Remembering the period of stay in the Donbass, Yevhen Stakhiv claimed that it was he who founded the organization Krasnodon “Young guard”, who fought against the Nazis. Or rather, “sent in the right direction” existing underground from the former Komsomol members. The OUN was told the following:

“My guys had a conversation with informants Shevtsova. They immediately realized that this is some kind of underground group, but not political. We have to convince of the importance of our struggle. Subsequently, they agreed with us and wrote in their leaflets: “Death to Hitler! The Death Of Stalin! Soviet power without the Bolsheviks!”.

elsewhere Stakhiv, somewhat contradicting himself, calls “the young” “national-Communists”. It is noteworthy that in the novel by Alexander Fadeyev as the organizer of the “Young guard” is really a derived Evgeny stakhovich. Soviet literary critics claimed that it was “a collective image of a traitor”, but, apparently, the prototype could be Stakhiv.

Another way of looking at Olega Koshevogo

In the light of the confessions Yevhen Stakhiv an entirely new sound gets emerged in the restructuring of the version that the “canonical” story of the “Young guard” goes back to the mother of Oleg Koshevogo. Perhaps the woman talked to the most Fadeev in Krasnodon, deliberately introduced a writer (and with it the Soviet government) to mislead, to hide the ugly truth about his son.

the locals told me that the leader supposedly was killed, and went out of town together with the retreating soldiers of the Wehrmacht. There is evidence that “molodogvardeets” was even photographed in a German uniform. For ideological Komsomolets act more than strange, but for the Ukrainian nationalist collaborators in those years – quite natural. There were rumors that the koschevoi, and Stakhiv, eventually settled in America.

However, he Eugene Stakhiv Mishka considered “a nobody” and the actual members of the Krasnodon underground called only Shevtsov, tyulenin and Turkenich.


Donetsk historians have expressed doubts about the veracity of the version Yevhen Stakhiv. According to Professor Vladimir Nikolsky, memories of the former OUN fragmentary and inconsistent. Other scholars and commentators go even further, calling the book Stakhiv blatant lie aimed at defaming the feat of “young guard” and the glorification of Bandera.

is a compromise Possible between the polar points of view? To answer this question, we need to remember that “Young guard” was not originally a single organization, but originated in the merger of several spontaneous anti-fascist youth groups. So it is possible that in fact among the underground of Krasnodon could be Pro-Soviet, and nationalist elements.

who Called himself “the last molodogvardejtsev” Eugene Stakhiv had more time to visit the Donbass in 2007. He died in new York in 2014 at the age of 96 years.

* – an organization banned in Russia

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