It’s a decision to be barber shops and salons temporarily shut in Etos to an increase in demand for shampoo and haarverfproducten, epileersets and products for the care provided, to confirm, a spokesman said Thursday

for now, there is no need to set a maximum number of products per customer and to carry out, according to the spokesman. The increase in demand for such cosmetic and personal care products, may result in an influx of customers, while the advice given is to get more customers into the store to have it.

the Etos gives rise to an order as much as possible online. It is, however, the average delivery time for online orders with in four days, a little longer than you normally would.

you can Follow the latest developments of the virus in our liveblog.

The corona virus, in short, The corona virus is spread mainly through feedback and hoestdruppeltjes. The virus can be directly from person to person may be transferred for a limited period of time), via surfaces such as door handles. An infected person is infecting on average two to three other people. The precautions that are necessary in order for this to be cancelled. The vast majority of patients have mild (flu-like) symptoms. Almost all the deaths involve the elderly or other vulnerable people, such as cardiovascular, pulmonary or diabetic patients. If anyone have the measures of compliance, while reducing their risks. Read here to find out what precautions you should take.