Equipment from Italy, the production in Kupino: learned how to make delicious ice cream — a report from the factory

a Journalist and photographer visited the factory natural ice cream “Kupino”, saw the cows that give delicious milk, went through all the stages of production, estimated how and in what conditions create a real ice cream.

They’re just lovely: 504 ladybugs, thanks to which we eat such a delicious ice cream

Before you walk on this ice cream factory, we decided to find out where Kupino takes its main ingredient is fresh milk. It depends on delicate and use cold treats.

ice cream Factory “Kupino” cooperates with many proven farms from Bagan, Chistoozernogo and Kupinsky areas that carefully monitor animals that use high-quality feed and get delicious milk.

One of such companies is “the right way”, located in the village Kirgintseva (it is only 26 km from the ice cream factory), dairy farm historically supplies milk to the factory in Kupino.

we went There to see for myself that the cows there are the real.