Weapons 26/12/19 “Elusive Avengers”: why is the West so called Russian rocket Club-K

the Recent attack on the largest refinery in Saudi Arabia once again showed that the twenty-first century war in the first place comes down to air superiority, and the superiority of the purely technical. It rises as the value of missile systems and drones and cruise missiles. The armed forces of Russia in this plan is an effective means not only for protection but for offense. One of the most advanced development to date is considered a missile complex Club-K. due to the actual invincibility of these weapons, Western experts have dubbed it the “elusive Avengers”.

Winding hypersound

the Missile system Club-K (the improved model of the complex Club-M) was first presented to experts at the International Maritime defense show in 2011. The place of presentation, the designers have chosen not by chance. According to the current classification, the Club-K corresponds to the parameters of the complex coastal defense, i.e. not subject to the action of limiting contracts. However, in reality, a complex of universal – it can affect any surface and land targets at a distance of up to 300 kilometers. For this purpose, different modifications of cruise missiles “Caliber” and the X-35 with great speed. At the final stage of its trajectory, the velocity of a rocket fired from the Club-K, at 3 times the speed of sound. Interestingly, the developers did not need to “reinvent the wheel”. Modern weapons are entirely based on the old “achievements”.

“We tried to take the best that was achieved in the domestic rocket,” — said Sergey Pakhomov, the representative of the company-manufacturer “Morinformsistema Agat”.

as the Club-K missile launches under the radar, missile systems in their “notice”. Another protection factor PRO is a winding traictoria flight.

the Deadly containers

the Complex Club-K are characterized by small size. 4 missiles fit in a 12-metre container. In effect they are remotely preparing for the launch lasts no more than 5 minutes (according to others, 1 minute).

“Small size of the complex Club-K is very maneuverable, — says Igor Prokopenko, the author of the book “weapons of the future”. – It can be installed on the vehicle, railway platform, a car trailer in the port, just along the coastline or border. While it is unlikely someone will guess that in the ordinary railway container is a deadly weapon.”

Now the complex is used for the modernization of the Russian Navy. By 2020 it is planned to establish the Club-K on the Soviet submarine of the project 949A “Antey”. In addition, the complex will provide a guard of the court in the Arctic, for example, patrol the ice breaker “Ivan Papanin”. It is possible that on the basis of the Club-K will be created and a land-based system. After the withdrawal of Russia from the Contract on liquidation of rockets of small-and medium-range missiles have the opportunity to increase the missile range to 500 kilometers and to cover the border around the perimeter. To calculate the location of the container with the Club-K is extremely difficult, as they can be installed on almost any kind of stock.

Foreign buyers Club-K attracts the fact that when you install systems on the civilian ships, for example container ships, the country receives almost full-fledged battle fleet, able to withstand attacks from the sea. Deliveries are already underway in such States of the third world, like Vietnam and Algeria. Meanwhile, the most serious regional players prefer to buy weapons from Russia, and create your own on similar principles. For example, Israel is developing a “container” complex Lora. And in the spring of 2019, it became known that China is creating a “clone” Club-K is called YJ-18C. All this makes the Americans worry. In particular, analyst Richard Fisher of the International center for the assessment and strategy sflushes that using containerized missiles China and Russia get “new opportunities for direct or indirect attacks on the United States and its allies.”

Timur Sagdiyev

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