Tech billionaire Elon Musk is revealing more and more views that align him with the right-wing political spectrum in the US. He wrote on Twitter on Wednesday that the US Democrats had become a “party of division and hatred”. That’s why he will vote for the Republicans in the future.

The 50-year-old boss of the electric car manufacturer Tesla also railed against the elite university Yale as “the epicenter of the intellectual woke virus that is trying to destroy civilization”. Blaming the so-called “woke” culture, which at its core is about fighting discrimination and exclusion, is part of the repertoire of arch-conservatives in the United States.

Musk immediately received applause for his comments from right-wing MP Lauren Boebert – a supporter of ex-President Donald Trump and advocate of extremely loose gun laws, who stands up against corona protection measures, abortion, gay marriage and the switch to renewable energy. “Welcome to the right page Elon,” she wrote on Twitter.

Musk said he used to vote for the Democrats “because they were (largely) the party of kindness.” From the point of view of many political observers, the rhetoric of Trump, who became the dominant force in the Republican Party, contributes to the division of US society.

Musk also wrote that a “dirty tricks campaign” against him was now to be expected and suggested that it was linked to his political statements. In fact, there have been media reports for some time that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating Musk’s current takeover attempt on Twitter. Among other things, he announced that he had reached the five percent participation mark eleven days later than required for his share purchases. That saved Musk money: By violating the rules, he was able to buy shares cheaper in eleven days, because when his entry on Twitter became public, the price immediately jumped up.