History 21/01/20 “Elizabeth de K.”: the most mysterious mistress of Lenin

the Main women in the life of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, his wife Nadezhda Krupskaya and almost “official” mistress Inessa Armand. However, the “leader of the world proletariat” has happened and the novels “on the side”. One of them, which began in revolutionary Petersburg, lasted for 9 years.

Rich Lisa

for the First time about the relationship between Lenin Elizabeth de K., in 1936, wrote the Parisian newspaper L Intransigeant, has published a range of materials, based on the recollections of the mistress of the leader and his letters to her. The article aroused interest in France and was reprinted by the Russian emigrant magazine “Illustrated Russia.” In 1937 these materials was published in book form, Les amours secretes de Lenine (“Love secrets of Lenin”) authored by the French writer andré böckler Stiftung and settled in France, the former Bolshevik, “renegade” Grigory Aleksinsky.

according to Lenin’s biographer Robert Payne, “Lise de K.” with which the revolutionary Ulyanov was found in 1905, came from aristocratic circles, and “had the means”. She was attracted to Lenin’s combination of brains and beauty. They met in “the tavern” with the Tatar cuisine, where Elizabeth accidentally met his friend Mikhail Rumyantsev. In one company with them was Lenin, which Rumyantsev was introduced as “the Englishman William Frey”. First, the interlocutor didn’t make a woman special experience:

“He was very much Burr – she recalled. – Red, the colour of his hair curiously consistent with reddish spots, paivassa his face and even hands. But, in General, his appearance was nothing special and I confess that I was very far from thinking that I am in the presence of the person from whom you had to depend on the fate of Russia.”

Elizabeth agreed to provide his apartment for secret meetings of the socialists. It happened that they Lenin remained needine – and during that time became friendly, although intimate relations business, apparently, came not at once. Lenin began to spend a weekend with Lisa, and together they rested at the lake.

When, in November 1905, Lenin went to Stockholm, his mistress followed the same direction. Lenin tried to captivate Elizabeth’s policy, however, was more interested in art and literature. “Revolutionary” Lenin did not like the woman, and she returned to St. Petersburg, haven’t seen him in 2 years.

once Again Lenin and Elizabeth met in Paris during the second exile of the leader. Relations were resumed, but in a friendly manner. They corresponded, and Lenin again wrote a lot about politics. In 1913, he asked Elizabeth to pick Edelweiss to lay them on the grave of the German socialist August Bebel.

the End of the novel

the last time Lenin and Lisa met before the First world war in Austrian Galicia. At the invitation of the leader of the woman arrived in the Carpathian village of Poronino.

“When, finally, after many delays they have met with Lenin, she was amazed of what happened in this change. He has become much sharper,” writes Robert Payne.

In conversation Lenin said that “people don’t need freedom” which, in his opinion, was only “a form of dictatorship of the bourgeoisie”. Taken aback from heard, Elizabeth soon left and never saw her lover.

After the revolution, Lenin helped Elizabeth financially or adjured to do it members of the party. According to talking with Grigory Aleksinsky in 1935 Bolshevik Tihomirnova, whose report to the Central Committee remained, a kind of “writer, a former close relations” with Lenin, allegedly received money from Moscow, which passed through the KGB Menzhinskogo or Dzerzhinsky. Perhaps Elizabeth was paying for “silence”. Historian Dmitry Volkogonov notes that Moscow unsuccessfully tried to buy Lenin’s letter, but it failed.

we Add that the accuracy of the above some historians questioning. In the 20-30-ies in the West left many fictionaltion “sensational” books about famous personalities. In this sense, the participation in the publishing alexinsky, who after 1908, an opponent of Bolshevism, casting a shadow over this story. For the same reason, apparently, the theme of “Lenin’s mistress” is never raised of official Soviet historiography. The real name of this woman is still uncertain.

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