Ekaterina Demina: what shocked the Germans

Heroes 17/12/19 Ekaterina Demina: what shocked the Germans “Katyusha” from the marine corps

Breaking stereotypes, Ekaterina Demina, in addition to many military awards, he was granted the honorary title of the only women who carried in the great Patriotic war service in the intelligence of Marines.

Received the title “hero of the Soviet Union” only now, 45 years later after a victory, Katusha shocked his colleagues and opponents of a steel nature, boundless courage and a responsible attitude. Saving the soldiers, she went hand to hand, pulled them from the icy water, made a grueling forced marches, and inspired by the exploits by his example.


after Graduating in June 1941 school courses for a nurse, and 15-year-old girl, Katya went to visit her brother at Brest, but their train was under attack by German bombers — so her life was broken by the war.

Once near Smolensk brave Demina, hastily went to the draft Board to leave for the front part of the volunteer squad, but was refused because the military has troubled her tender age.

Wanting to bring Home use, she started a volunteer standing on the outskirts of a military hospital, and when he was evacuated she stayed to serve as a nurse in a military unit.

In the days of fierce fighting, it provided the soldiers with medical help, but under Gadcom did not defend himself and got a triple a foot injury. Then there was the treatment in the Urals, and later in Baku, where recovering, she was credited with two years and asked the command to send it to the service on hospital ship “Red Moscow”.

Plying on the Volga river, the ship was carrying soldiers, wounded at Stalingrad, to the hospital of the littoral city of Krasnovodsk. For action a desperate girl was awarded the title “master Chief”, and awarded the badge “excellent worker of the Navy”.

little person

At the end of the battle of Stalingrad Demina had to serve in the rear, but devoid of the dangers of the job weighed heavily on her because she wanted to help soldiers on the front line. Remembering that Baku was the recruitment of volunteers in a battalion of Marines, the soldiers who were to go with the armored and battle on land, Kate turned to the command with the report on admission to the service, but was refused, reasoned that in the Navy the woman, especially so young as she is, not the place.

will Not accept this decision, she wrote a letter to the Supreme commander of Joseph Stalin, and a month later his order was appointed instructor of sanitary 369-th separate marine infantry battalion of the Azov flotilla. Directed the platoon of naval intelligence, fragile Caterina had first caused laughter Mature co-workers gave her the nickname “little person”.

the Medal “For bravery”

Not giving himself any favors, she along with all participated in the exercises and showed extraordinary tenacity in battle during the liberation of Temryuk in November 1943. Desantirovanie in marshes, in other words overgrown with bushes and reeds floodplain of the river, their squad immediately lost half of the personnel. Of the 1,000 soldiers survived 500, many of which survived only thanks to the heroic and fearless actions Demina.

Standing breast-deep in cold salt water, and firing, she was dragged into the boat and onto the shore wet of wounded soldiers in full uniform, and sent them to the rear. While under heavy enemy fire and being shell-shocked, she continued to assist colleagues medical assistance. For this, the command awarded her the medal “For Courage”.

the Survivors of this operation the red army never laughed at a brave teenage girl, asked her for forgiveness for past arrogance, and began to call in the squad Katusha.

Katyusha for Katyusha

Katyusha marine paratrooper Demina was for German soldiers, who having heard about her desperate attacks, they wanted atto see this Russian Amazon.

a Similar case was presented to them in January 1944 when the Marines landed in stormy weather on a desert shore near Kerch, occupied the bridgehead between Glace villages and Zhukovka. Holding the defense for 40 days, the unit received food and ammunition from the air, and drinking water had to go to the well, located in neutral territory.

the Night was a shootout, for life-giving water to the wounded soldiers do not just go and Demin, which once tracked down a German.

Being face to face with the enemy, the nurse was taken aback and explained to him that water is essential for the sick, and she was the Katyusha. Hearing this name, the German immediately pulled out a harmonica, playing the same song, and dancing, watched as they went to their positions fearless Demin.

After that, in moments of calm, from the German side, often heard shouting: “Russian sailor. Show Katyusha! Nicht shissen! Shoot — nine!”.

A few days later for heroism in the battle of Kerch, Ekaterina Demina was awarded the order of Patriotic war II degree.

Dniester Liman

His determination and courage Catherine demonstrated once again in the late summer of 1944, when the Marines participated in the crossing of the Dniester estuary. First rushing attack, Katusha led the sailors, having in a fierce battle to destroy more than 10 Nazis throw grenades at the BUNKER, do not forget about their duties of a nurse.

a Wounded enemy Soviet sailors fell into the water, beneath which was placed barbed wire. Taking colleagues with mutilating the body of the boom, Katerina dragged them to the Cape in a safe place and continue to protect them even when he was wounded in the hand.

For the actions on the Dniester estuary Demina was presented to the command by the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, but the headquarters decided to limit the presentation of the order of the red banner.

The Danube operation

a Similar situation with the recognition of military merit Katyusha took place after the Danube operation when the command of the flotilla found the facts about the perfect her feat somewhat exaggerated.

meanwhile, in December 1944, the Soviet 50 Marines to divert enemy attention from the assault on the fortress of Ilok land, landed on the island in the middle of the Danube, which by an unfortunate coincidence, on the day of surgery is flooded. That is why the paratroopers had to climb the trees and from such position to open fire on the Germans. Two hours later the survivors were only 12 soldiers that survived solely because of the Katyusha, which, being neck-deep in water, moving from tree to tree, treated wounds of soldiers, primativa their bandages to the crown, that they should not fall into the water.

as a result, the operation was a success, and wounded in the arm and suffering from pneumonia Demin evacuated to a hospital, where not molecules, she ran in the home battalion, to join him to celebrate the Victory Day on the streets of Vienna.

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