ARCHIV - 20.05.2022, Spanien, Palma de Mallorca: Das Restaurant «Why Not» in der Nähe des Ballermanns steht in Flammen. 13 Mitglieder eines Münsteraner Kegelclubs wurden festgenommen, weil sie den Brand ausgelöst haben sollen. Acht der Touristen aus Deutschland, die auf Mallorca seit knapp zwei Monaten unter dem Vorwurf der Brandstiftung in Untersuchungshaft sitzen, werden auf freien Fuß gesetzt. Foto: 5vision/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

The eight tourists from Germany who have been in custody on Mallorca for almost two months on charges of arson are being released. At the request of the defense, the responsible investigating judge granted release on bail of 12,000 euros each, the judiciary of the Spanish holiday island announced. According to official information, the members of a Münster bowling club should leave the prison in Palma on Friday.

The eight Germans are accused of starting a fire near the Ballermann on Playa de Palma on May 20, shortly after their arrival on the island of Mallorca. They are said to have thrown burning butts and alcohol from the balcony of their hotel room onto the thatched roof of the terrace of a restaurant below. The roof caught fire and two pubs, an apartment and parts of the restaurant were damaged. Two people suffered minor injuries.

The young people deny setting the fire. The group included a total of 13 vacationers. One of them was released without conditions the day after the fire. He had been able to prove that he was in the shower when the fire broke out. Four suspects were allowed to leave the prison in Palma after around two and a half weeks after paying bail of 12,000 euros each. (dpa)