Bad news for the Berlin Easy-Jet workforce and the capital’s airport: on Tuesday, the British airline announced a massive reduction in the number of pilot and cabin crew jobs at its Berlin location. The company announced that the number of aircraft based in Schönefeld is to be reduced from 18 to eleven from winter 2022.

The airline, which was now the market leader in the capital region after Air Berlin went bankrupt, had already reduced the aircraft fleet at the Berlin location from 34 to 18 aircraft and cut more than 700 jobs. “The planning for the location in Berlin/Brandenburg should contribute to ensuring long-term profitable operation in Germany (T )”, ​​was the reason for the further dismantling.

Reference is made to a weaker than expected recovery in air traffic in Germany, but also to rising airport charges. Discussions will be held with staff representatives.

The Verdi union was shocked and outraged by the announcement. “Especially now that air traffic is picking up, that is incomprehensible. That’s how you alienate customers,” Verdi union secretary Holger Rößler told the Tagesspiegel. “The planes, also from Easyjet, are full.”

Apparently it’s all about moving machines to other places, possibly to Spain or Portugal, to make a few euros more profit. “The plans are a slap in the face for the workforce,” said Rößler. With the renewed wave of dismantling, Easyjet is “giving up its strategic position in Berlin,” said Rößler. “Others go into the gaps that are torn.” The union, which is in contact with the works council, will not accept this without a fight.