Dying Light 2 is one the most anticipated games of 2022, but how can you get started?

It’s almost over for Death Light 2. So it’s not surprising that fans around the world are watching their clocks, wondering when they will be able to enjoy one of the most anticipated sequels since.

The good news is that Diving Light 2 developer, and publisher Techland have provided a lot of information about when you can finally start playing the game. This depends on where you are located and 16. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to make sense of the game’s complicated release schedule.

Here’s a quick guide to simplifying the release date. It’s determined by which device you ordered the digital copy or plan to buy it soon.

When will Dying light 2 be available on PC?
A global launch time unlocks the PC version of 
Diying Light 2. This means that gamers in some regions will be able to access it earlier than others. Here is a breakdown of when Diing Light 2 PC gamers in different time zones will be allowed to launch the game.

PST 4pm (Feb. 3)
EST7pm (Feb. 3)
GMT: 12 am (Feb 4)
CET: 1 am (Feb 4)
MSK: 3 am (Feb 4)
IST: 5:30 am (Feb 4)
CST: 8 am (Feb 4)
JST: 9 am (Feb 4)
AEDT: 11 am (Feb 4)
NZDT1pm (Feb 4)

This release method will allow gamers in the EST and PST time zones to play Dying light 2 beginning February 3rd, ahead of its official launch date of February 4. This release method is not uncommon, but it is unusual. You may want to follow the official Diying Light 2 social media channels for any changes.

When will Dying Light 2 be available on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5?

PlayStation gamers have it easy when it comes down to understanding when they can start playing Diving Light 2. You can play the game on PlayStation 4 or 5 starting at 12 AM on February 4th.

This means that PlayStation gamers won’t be able to get the game “early”, but there is no doubt about when it will be officially available.

When will Dying Light 2 be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series SX/S?

Xbox owners can play Dying light 2 starting at 12 AM on February 4, regardless of where they live.

has pointed out the fact that you can technically modify the region of your Xbox to theoretically play the game on February 3. Although we wouldn’t recommend doing something like this, it is important to note that New Zealand gamers will technically reach midnight on February 4th faster than any other country. If you were to put your Xbox to New Zealand time to allow you to play the game early, the following is the time the clock will strike midnight in New Zealand.
PST: 3 am (Feb 3)
EST: 6 am (Feb 3)
GMT: 11 am (Feb 3)
CET 12 PM (Feb. 3)
MSK 2pm (Feb. 3)
IST 4:30 PM (Feb. 3)
CST 7pm (Feb. 3)
JST8pm (Feb. 3)
AEDT 10pm (Feb. 3)

There is always the possibility that the above method will fail and you will need to wait for Dying light 2 unlocking to take place in your area. This method has a low “risk”, so it is worth trying if you have the time and desire to unlock it in your region.

When will Dying Light 2 be available on Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch Dying Light version has been delayed. It will not be available for release for at least six more months. Techland hopes that the game will be available before the end 2022, although there is no information on the exact release date.