(Montreal) The Federation of Medical Specialists of Quebec (FMSQ) recognizes that there are “good ideas” in Health Minister Christian Dubé’s Bill 15, but admits to having concerns and reservations, in particular on the fact of not having been consulted.

“We are convinced that such an important bill should have been worked on and negotiated with caregivers. You cannot make such an important reform and say that the consultation will [sum up] to a parliamentary commission,” said the president of the Federation, Dr. Vincent Oliva.

Tabled last Wednesday, this reform by Minister Dubé thoroughly reviews the governance of the health network to make it more efficient.

Among other things, it will create a new Crown corporation, Santé Québec, merge the union seniority of employees across the province, put an end to regional boards of directors and appoint general managers in all large establishments.

The Legault government also intends to force medical specialists to take more care of patients throughout the territory. They will also have to offer better availability to emergencies and accept unfavorable hours, especially after 4 p.m.

“Making the network more efficient is not only necessary, it is urgent,” argues Dr. Oliva. He notes several “good ideas” in the bill, such as “making more room for interdisciplinary decisions and care pathways,” he says. However, he has concerns and reservations, particularly about the fact that he was not consulted. “We don’t find that acceptable,” he laments.