The singer stated, “Rocket Man” is my driving song. It’s also my shower song. I sing it along to myself.”

Dua Lipa stopped at The Late show with Stephen Colbert Thursday evening to do an extended interview. She talked about her upcoming Future Nostalgiatour and her new Service95 newsletter. She also shared how Elton John called her once while she was only wearing a bikini, cowboy hat and a cowboy cap.

Colbert was even rebuffed by the British pop singer, who asked him a deep and personal question about the effect of his Catholic faith on Colbert’s comedy. She says interviewing is something she has been learning as she works on Service95 and her podcast “At Your Service”.

Lipa states, “I really enjoy interviewing people. I really do.” “I love the research aspect of it, and learning about people.

Lipa was Rolling Stonenamed ” The breakout pop star in the pandemic era,” and released her second album Future Nostalgia during the early days of Covid restrictions and lockdowns. This, Lipa believes, allowed people to connect with the music more deeply.

She says, “With all the uncertainty and everything happening, I was like, “You know, maybe it’s time to release this record.” I have this philosophy that music belongs to me until it is released. It’s not mine anymore once it’s out… People’s reactions to it, being that it was that way, were just amazing. It was more than I could have hoped for and may have been the destiny that the album was meant to have.
The “Levitating” singer shared the story of how she was invited to take part in “Cold Heart,” her 2021 remote collaboration. It features interpolations from John’s 1989 ballad, “Sacrifice,” and his 1972 hit “Rocket Man (I think It’s Going To Be a Long, Long Time), “and “Kiss the Bride” in 1976.

She jokingly said, “I was just hanging out at the pool before I went to write, and then all of a sudden, my phone rings. It’s Elton and David calling casually.”

She says that she feels like she manifested it in a certain way. “Rocket Man” is my driving song. It’s also my shower song. I love singing it along. When I was asked to sing it, I thought, “OK, it was meant to be.” ‘”

The Future Nostalgiaworld Tour, which has been delayed for many years, will begin February 9th in Miami and conclude November 16th in Perth (Australia). Colbert fans are encouraged to have high expectations, Lipa says.

She says, “I have done a lot audience research so I feel like i know what songs people like.”