Don't buy currency, invest in health: why it is now necessary to engage the teeth

the isolation many of the city’s residents were more likely to think about the health of the teeth. According to doctors, it is justified to invest in yourself is now much cheaper than to buy dollars and euros. Patients finally find the time, which had always lacked for a visit to the doctor. Especially in the clinic iDent maximally accelerated the diagnostic process. In just one appointment, you can learn what the problems of the mouth and teeth have a patient.

Already at the first consultation a patient iDent can obtain maximum examination of the teeth. Free admission specialists will conduct a full dental checkup (comprehensive examination). To do this, the doctor invites for the reception of specialists in different fields: ortho, paradontologa, of the surgeon, and other colleagues. The doctors they analyze the collected information, including captured images of teeth. The result Cacapa is a detailed individual treatment plan.*

Conciliary approach to dental treatment with the first dose has long been used successfully in Israeli clinics. The international centre of implantology iDent adopted the experience of foreign colleagues. Here saving customers time. No need to synchronize the primary visits to several different doctors — all we need specialists will come to counseling for yourself.

— Checkup helps us to notice even the smallest deviations in the health of the patient, — says the chief doctor of the clinic iDent Michael Toder. — Sometimes a patient comes with one query, but in fact it turns out that you need to solve quite different tasks. For example, prior to implantation may require bite correction or treatment of various diseases of the teeth and gums. If the patient aims not just to return the tooth or braces, and to receive objective evaluation of their health status, we can help. And, of course, suggest that a treatment regimen that will be effective and beneficial for each individual patient.