The Jacksonville Jaguars boast a championship record at quarterback and coach.

However it took a software engineer-turned-kicker to finally end the misery of a 20-game losing streak.

Matthew Wright’s 53-yard field goal in the final seconds of time gave the Jags victory over the Miami Dolphins 23-20 on Sunday at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, London.

Urban Meyer, Jags coach, stated that he didn’t believe anyone on his team had ever heard him speak before about 10 minutes ago.

Wright, who was playing his third game (1-5), also hit a crucial 54-yarder to tie it at 20 with three minutes remaining.

Trevor Lawrence stated that he had told him he was a software engineer a month ago. It’s just crazy. You can’t even imagine it.

Meyer and Lawrence were 25 of 41 on Lawrence’s 319 yard touchdown run. It was their first NFL wins, even though it meant a trip to Europe for them to do it in a “home” match.

The Dolphins lost their fifth consecutive match, ending the season of Tua Tagovailoa’s first month-long start. Jaylen Waddle was the touchdown thrower for the second-year quarterback.

Lawrence made a pass to Laviska Sherman Jr. on the final drive. The Jags called timeout after 1 second.

With 5 seconds remaining, Shenault made a 12-yard catch to the Miami 44. Although the Jags were planning to throw it in the end zone, Miami called timeout and they changed their plans.

Lawrence spoke of Wright’s win by describing the slant pass that Lawrence made to the Miami 35 to gain 9 yards on fourth-and-8.

The 25-year old kicker was also a part of three games last season for Pittsburgh and was surrounded by his teammates. He was true to form, but was not overstated about helping the team win.

He said, “Just not a big talker, just here for my job.”

Tagovailoa was 33-of-47 for 329 yards, with two touchdown passes and one interception on his return from fracturedribs.

Tagovailoa stated, “I’m not 100% but I was 100% ready for it to be out there.”

Brian Flores, Dolphins coach, stated that “I’m not doing an adequate job.” “Not being consistent enough. Coaching is not done well enough. Not playing well enough. Not playing consistently enough. There are some positive plays. We’re not getting it right. It all starts with me.

With 10:22 remaining in the game, the Dolphins led 20-17 when Tagovailoa completed a seven-play, 90-yard drive that ended with a touchdown pass to Waddle of 2-yards.

Jacksonville took a 17-13 lead in the third quarter thanks to James Robinson’s 1-yard touchdown run, after he had rumbled 24 yard on the previous play.

The Dolphins offense was hot from the start, with Tagovailoa scoring on their first drive. However, they missed two more chances inside the Jacksonville 10 and settled for field goals both of them.

Tagovailoa completed 8 of 10 passes. He also finished a 75-yard opening drive with 6 yards slant to Waddle. This put Miami 7-0 ahead They converted three third downs, including a 20 yard reception by Mike Gesicki. Tagovailoa’s 7 yards scramble to the 6 set up Waddle’s touchdown.

Gesicki was able to gain a record 115 yards from eight receptions.

With Miami trailing 13-3 at halftime, Lawrence finally took advantage of Miami’s secondary. Lawrence launched a perfect pass towards Marvin Jones Jr. for a 28-yard TD. Noah Igbinoghene, the backup cornerback, was in coverage. This made the score 13-10 with 40 seconds remaining in the second half.

Miami was without cornerbacks Xavien Jones and Byron Jones who were both injured.


The Jags hadn’t won a single game since beating Indianapolis 27-20 at home in the 2020 season opener. Gardner Minshew threw three TD passes. This 20-game losing streak ranks second in Super Bowl history.

Jacksonville’s victory also ended the London hex that had plagued rookie quarterbacks since 2007, when the NFL began staging regular-season games here in London.

The Dolphins are now losing. Since beating New England in their season opener, they haven’t won.

Miami was the only team of the four that did not play in London the week after.


Sunday’s game saw a rematch between quarterbacks from last year’s college football national championship game. Lawrence and Clemson defeated Tagovailoa, Alabama 44-16.


Atlanta will host the Dolphins on October 24,

Jaguars: Bye Week, then at Seattle Seahawks on Sunday Oct. 31.