Livios Last week was picked up by the Flemish daily newspapers from the great drinkwaterschaarste in the country. World-wide there are less than 22 countries, with a greater shortage of fresh water. Did you know that approximately 11% of our energy consumption for the heating of the water is going? And that’s in our garden every year, on average, to 2,200 gallons of water opslorpt? Thank you quite a lot of actions to take to conserve water in your home and garden.Bouwsite Livioslijst they are in front of you. 1. Hot water

Shower the < / b> Take a shower instead of a bath. A small pool that consumes 120 litres of water in a wide, even 180 litres of fuel. While a five minute shower is good for 60 liters of water, and a spaardouchekop decreases, the power consumption is still up about 35 litres of fuel. Try to take your shower in to the lake.

Spaardouchekop the < / b> eenspaardouchekopbespaar 40% of water and energy. A spaardouchekop is commercially available from € 12.50.

energy-Efficient water heaters the < / b> , the advice is to Invest in energy-efficient water heaters as a high efficiency water heater, or dish washers, and dishwashers with an ” a ” tag.

water heaters the < / b> to Place water heaters close to an outlet to heat the hot water supply pipes are to be avoided.

Gas the < / b> of the Water heating with gas is cheaper than electricity.

Solar the < / b> eenzonneboilerkan you get up to 60% of your domestic water heating, and you will be eligible for a substantial tax deduction from the government.

Tip: What is the cost of a solar hot water system?
2. Cold water,

to Leak out the < / b> how to Repair a leaking kranenen lines. Ten drops of water per minute, seem), but this is on the order of up to 1,100 litres of water per year.

harvesting potential the < / b> is to Consider it as a new resident to the aanregenwaterrecuperatiete to do. For a new installation is required. You can collect rainwater to use for toilet flushes. Is a separate water system will be required to have a hemelwaterinstallatie, even for the toilet flush.Click here to read what regenwaterinstallatie costs.

Old faucets the < / b> in order to Replace old faucets, shower heads, and the toiletstortbak modern watersparende types. The water used can be up to a 30% decrease or an average of 126 litres to 90 litres of water per person per day.

flush control buttons the < / b> for example, If you have a toilet have no flush control buttons, you can easily create a spaarknop (or flush control buttons on the toiletstortbak to be mounted (from € 7). That will save 8,000 litres of water per year.

the Inlet the < / b> Place a brick in the cistern of a toilet so that less water is consumed during the washing operation.

Waterspaartoets the < / b> of The toilet is good for up to a quarter of household water use. Reduce the amount of Water a toilet is equipped with a waterspaartoets to choose from. It can also be found in the majority of the existing toilets and install them.

Cannula, or inlegringetjes the < / b> is a Special cannula, or inlegringetjes faucets to reduce the amount of water used per minute, from the tap, without having to the comfort of further improvement. This method is only useful for the cranes, where you have a large number of one-time decreases. So it is not bad.

Shave, and teeth brushing the < / b> in order to Let the faucets are not open during the shave, and brush your teeth. It is better to use a cup.

Drukbegrenzers, and low-flow faucets the < / b> Use for a push or a debietbegrenzer or water-saving taps, so that the use of the crane to be reduced.