Dmitry Ivanov: what is written in the suicide note, the Director of the Armory, who saved thousands of values

Biography 13/12/19 Dmitry Ivanov: what is written in the suicide note, the Director of the Armory, who saved thousands of values

Dmitry Dmitriyevich Ivanov was appointed Director of the Armoury chamber of the Moscow Kremlin in 1922. However, in this position, he was only 8 years old. In January 1930, Ivanov killed himself. The contents left a suicide note was most directly connected with his professional activities.

Of the lawyers in art

Dmitry Dmitriyevich Ivanov was born in the Ryazan province in 1870. As writes N. Vladimir S. in publishing “Treasury of Russia: pages of historical biographies of the Moscow Kremlin museums”, Ivanov’s father was a hereditary nobleman, a valid state Councilor and honorary magistrate. It is not surprising that Dmitry decided to continue the dynasty and after graduating from high school he became a student of the law faculty of Moscow University. By 1917, Ivanov has held the position of Director of Department of the Ministry of justice.

After the revolution, Dmitri Ivanov had to change their occupation. However, according to the petition, it was his conscious desire. “Especially would like to work in an expensive me the protection of monuments, preventing their export from Russia”, — wrote Ivanov. As indicated in the “Russian Museum encyclopedia” Valentine Ioannina, in 1918, Dmitri Dmitriyevich was enrolled in a Sub-unit of the capital protection of the Museum Department of the people’s Commissariat of General Directorate of museums. There, Ivanov served as an expert and as an emissary, that is the special representative of the new government, he traveled to the now former noble estate, having inventory available to their values.

Sale and saving of the values

New appointment to the position of head of the Armoury chamber of the Moscow Kremlin became for Dmitry Ivanov surprise. The fact that Mikhail Sergeev, the previous head of the Armory suddenly died, and the best replacement, than Dmitry Dmitrievich, it would be difficult to find. However, this post was for Ivanov a burden. If you believe Nikolai Nepomnyashchy, the author of the book “100 great treasures of Russia”, as he recalled Dmitry Ivanov, Museum officials felt the constant oppression of the “extreme claims Gokhran”. Employees of Gokhran absolutely not interested in the artistic value or the cultural value of the exhibits: they only demanded their immediate homogenization for subsequent sale.

Dmitry Ivanov as his predecessor Mikhail Sergeev, tried to save and leave Russia as many of art objects. So, from August 1923 to June 1924 at the Armory was returned 39758 items, among which was the numismatic collection. In 1927, as the authors of the publication “the Destruction of the Empire. Our history. 1913-1940” Nikolai and Marina Svanidze, from the Armory was sold to the famous Faberge eggs. Dmitry Dmitrievich managed to return 24 eggs that were in so-called “Moscow Jewelry store Partnerships”. He got eggs on the invoice and immediately enlisted them in the Museum Fund.

the Persecution and death of the Director of the Armory

However, to complete his mission Dmitry Ivanov was not meant to be. As mentioned in the book of Mikhail Leshchinsky Ada Petrova and “Where is the Hitler, or Military secrets of the XX century”, the Director of the Kremlin Armory was subjected to constant persecution. In 1924, Dmitry Dmitrievich was taken into custody on false charges. But then it all ended well: after spending several days in Butyrskaya prison, Ivanov was released. Meanwhile, in the second half of 1929, the situation has escalated to such an extent that on 1 December of the same year Dmitry Ivanov was relieved of his duties.

Since then, he has not had the opportunity to prevent the squandering of art and culture. Learn about the new wave of sales, Dmitry Dmitrievich killed a. In his suicide note, the text of which is given in the book “Decorative and applied art of Great Novgorod” I. A. Sterligova the former Director of the Armory wrote: “Not plundered, not sold, not traded, not hidden Palatskaya values.” The next day after the suicide Ivanov, writes Anton Strategists, in his book “Crimes in art” Museum was an official with another mandate and seized for the needs of trade and export organizations “Antiques” 120 exhibits, among which were those who worked so hard once defended Dmitry Ivanov.

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