Dmitry Alpatov: how the Cossacks became the commander of the Chechens in the army of Shamil

Another 28/01/20 Dmitry Alpatov: how the Cossacks became the commander of the Chechens in the army of Shamil

In 2000 years the Russians were shocked by the fact that the armed underground in Chechnya and Dagestan are fighting a lot of ethnic Slavs who converted to Islam. Meanwhile, cases of transition of Russian mountaineers was in the XIX century. Along with the murids in the North Caucasian Imamate in raids on former compatriots participated Kazak Dmitry (Yasha) Alpatov, which for “daring” was highly valued by the Imam Shamil.

Of the Cossacks in the Chechen

According to historian Dmitry Ovsyannikov St. Petersburg state University, “foreigners” in the ranks of the mountain of the rebels met often enough – mostly these were former Russian prisoners of war or deserters. In the Caucasus about these “Cossacks-robbers” songs, but this topic is not too developed in the national historiography.
Life Yashka Alpatov known for the essay Cossack General Theodore Chernozubov published in 1912 in the journal “Russian Archive”.
Alpatov was born in the village of Naurskaya, had a wife and two children. In 1842 he was caught stealing, for which he was publicly flogged. Public shame was enough to Yasha, holding a grudge, ran to the Chechens, where he entered in a gang of runaway Cossacks, who converted to Islam and sworn allegiance to Shamil. However, his first attempt to lead the horses failed, and Alpatov he returned to the village. Listening to the relatives of the Cossack, the authorities forgave him.

Ataman Yasha

In 1845, after a quarrel with the village chief, Alpatov again gone – now his path lay over the Terek, in “possession” of Shamil.
In 1846-50 years at the head of a large detachment of highlanders Yasha made raids in the rear of the Russians, mainly in autumn and spring. His troops would attack not only on the Cossack troops, but in villages, hamlets and postal stations along the Terek, from-for what the locals perceived the Yasha as a normal bandit chieftain. The advantage of the Cossack was that he knew all the ins and outs of the villages.
Alpatov rarely compatriots killed, but taken prisoner by young girls who then became wives of murids. The name “Yashka” women at that time used to frighten children.
Especially daring was the RAID on the mail in 1851, when the group kidnapped Alpatov 37 thousand rubles, and captured the provincial Secretary Buzevich servants. During the RAID killed more than 22 people.

Capture and execution

Since 1855 Yasha Alpatov disappointed in their actions. Perhaps affected by a long separation from family after the authorities established surveillance of his home, the rebellious Cossack lost the opportunity to visit his wife and children.
“the children of the captivity had seen the Yasha, and he repented that already tired to shed Christian blood, that really misses the “its”, but to return Terek, of course, he can’t, as no doubt it will be shot” – describes a mental throwing of the fugitive Fedor Chernozubov.
in the Spring of 1856 Yasha Alpatov, together with the Chechens attacked the Nogai village, where took a few dozen horses. The command sent in pursuit of the Cossacks recaptured the herd. In the ensuing chase, the horse on which rode Alpatov, stuck in the mud. Then the chieftain released his men, and himself went on the Market post – as he explained with the aim to get a horse. However, in the stables of the Cossack was arrested by Sergeant Tsimlyanskiy. Moreover, having the ability to run, Yasha did not resist when he was knitting.

a court-martial found the Cossack Alpatov guilty in “military operations against their country, withdrawal from the Orthodox faith in Islam, the robbery of the mail, different predation, murder, attack on unarmed civilians, women and children, the disposal of their prisoner personally with the parties, to which I had been the instigator, and spying”.
24 Dec 1856 Yasha Alpatov, in chains, was shot in his native village to watch his execution gathered several thousand people. To the last hour of the Cossack remained in good locationogenyi spirit, joking and laughing, but asked for forgiveness from the villagers, justifying that the crime “had to”.
According to some, after the famous defector was called in the village Alpatovo Naur district of the Chechen Republic.

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