Brenton Tarrant, of the man who is being prosecuted for the attacks on two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch, said to be guilty of the killing of the 51 evangelicals. The man is the story of a year-long responsibility for the terrorist act, even though he was in the act were caught.

in New Zealand, it was last year, on the 15th of march, was shocked by the carnage. A gunman opened fire at two locations in the city, offering live images of the attack online.

Tarrant says it is now officially behind it, to sit down. Also, he says, to be guilty of for forty attempted murder and committing a terrorist crime has been committed. It is not clear when a ruling will be made in the case of Tarrant, it would be officially in June for the judge to appear.

After the attack, the bloodiest incident in the recent history of New Zealand, have been wapenwetten tightened up and it was a massive vuurwapeninzamelingsactie is on-going. A lot of people will have to voluntarily relinquish their weapon parts, and firearms. At the end of december, had been published more than 60,000 weapons, and 200,000 gun parts, hardware.

In New Zealand, and its assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons are now banned. The 29-year-old Australian man Tarrant had a number of guns bought online, at a gun shop in Christchurch, as a military weapon in a purchase.

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