Death of Vasily Blucher: what happened actually

History 16/01/20 Death of Vasily Blucher: what really happened

Vasily Blucher died in November 1938 in the inner prison of the NKVD. Many historians claim that before his death, Marshall was subjected to cruel torture, some even claim that Blucher eyes were gouged out. But is it really?

Death behind bars

according to Leo Kliot in his book “Rivers of destiny of mankind”, in October 1938 Vasily Blucher with his family was at the cottage Klim Voroshilov. It was there that he was taken into custody. Warlord was brought to Moscow in the inner prison of the NKVD. During the 18 days that Blucher was in jail, it was time to question 21 times. During interrogation he confessed to involvement in “anti-Soviet organization of the rights” in the military conspiracy and sabotage in the military sphere, the moral decay in General and drunkenness in the workplace in particular.

But to hear the court verdict to Vasily Blucher was not meant to be: a few days after his arrest, he died. Junior Lieutenant by the name Golovlev wrote a report about this incident in the name of Lavrenty Beria. The document Golovlev reported that November 9, 1938 Blucher did poorly when he was led down the corridor into the chamber after the next interrogation. Warlord moved to the office of the prison doctor, where he died. Pyotr Frolov, the author of the book “confessions of an executioner from the Lubyanka”, notes that the reason for the sudden demise of the Blucher, according to experts, was the obstruction of the pulmonary arteries resulting in the blood vessels of the pelvis clot.

Of torture and torn eye

meanwhile, some researchers believe that, in fact, Vasily Blucher died from severe torture. And doctor of historical Sciences Yu. a. Krasnov, who mentions in his book “Treason marshals” Nicholas Giants, even said that the military commander was shot dead by investigators. According to Krasnov, the executioners pulled Blucher eyes and threatened that if he did not will cease to rest, it will soon lose both. After that, Vasily Konstantinovich attacked one of the security officers and was immediately killed. I should add that the red in his work referred to the documents of the Prosecutor’s office, in which was reflected the events described above.

in addition, as indirect evidence that the testimony of Blucher simply knocked out, Andrei Shavaev, author of “the History of military intelligence”, brings the story of a certain Rusakovskaya, who was sitting in jail along with the wife of the Marshal. Rusakovskaya argued that the city-Blucher was present at the confrontation with her husband and saw how terribly he was beaten. “He looked as if he had been in a tank” – complained the city Rusakovskaya. The fact of beating Blucher was confirmed by Anna Rosenblum, head of the medical unit of the Lefortovo prison. However, Rosenblum, as the wife of a military commander, about the torn eye not mentioned, but talked about the black eye of the Marshal and of blood in the sclera.

there is no Documentary evidence

Arsen Martirosyan in the book “100 myths about Beria. The mastermind of repression or a talented organizer?” expresses the opinion that the evidence Rosenblum, which by virtue of their duty to provide medical care to Vasily Blucher, trust is not necessary. The fact that the evidence against Blucher, the doctor gave in 1956, that is, in the midst initiated by Nikita Khrushchev’s anti-Stalinist campaign. Besides Anna Rosenblum worked in Lefortovo prison. And Vasily Blucher, though, and were interrogated there, on a regular basis is still contained in the inner prison of the NKVD, which, in fact, he died.

In the conclusion which was made by the experts, who performed an autopsy on Marshall, beatings and torn eyes also do not appear. According to the Bobrenev Vladimir in his book “Dr. Death”, the experts were required to completely fix all the damage that existed on the body of the deceased, and to justify their origin. However, according to the act it is judicial-medical examination of a corpse, Blucher did not find anything about- stand bruise. Apparently, both eyes were also on the spot. It turns out that on the torn eye can be known only from documents of the Prosecutor’s office, referenced in his article Yu. a. Krasnov. That’s just how Nicholas Giants such documents do not exist.

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