Another 31/01/20 archive K. G. Udalova”Deadly bet”: as the pilots of the Tu-134 has killed 70 people

the Crash of the Tu-134, which occurred on 20 September 1986, is unique in the country’s history and probably in the world. So monstrous and foolish was the death of 70 passengers, among whom were 14 children. And to blame the banal boredom, irresponsible captain Alexander Klyuev and disregard for the rules of safety.

Flight No. 6502 from Sverdlovsk in Grozny was everyday. Takeoff was without incident, as well as the subsequent hour of flight to the intermediate stop of the airport of the city of Kuibyshev (now Samara). And here the commander decided to show the crew their skills to bet that it will be able to perform a blind landing — instrument.

No less strange is the behavior of a second pilot, Navigator and engineer, who agreed to such a venture. Before landing Klyuyev closed the viewing window with its side curtains and started to decline. But as it turned out, to focus only on the readings of the instruments is not so easy, therefore, to land the plane approached at too high vertical and horizontal speeds, to the same “pitch” — simply “klyunuv nose.”

most in this story is surprising level of irresponsibility on the part of all crew members. The second pilot was clearly seen that the convergence with the land is of an emergency nature, but to do nothing was. At a height of 35 m, the captain realized that the reduction is not according to the plan and asked the assistant to open the window but it was too late.

the Tu-134 with the power to hit the runway with a load of 4G. The design of the aircraft did not survive. The first “developed” of the chassis and then two pieces fell apart and the body of the aircraft. Inertia “storesfixedprice” even slid across the airfield about 300 meters and caught fire due to leakage of fuel from the tanks.
AndVarina rescue service of the airfield was on the spot almost immediately, but managed to save a few. Due to the fact that during the crash the plane was upside down, passengers were strapped in their seats and hanging upside down. 58 people died, poisoned by combustion products, and not being able to detach and get out of the wreckage of the burning plane. Another 11 people for the same reason, and died later in hospital. Among them was the co-pilot, who, realizing his mistake, rushed to rescue the passengers from the cabin.

Alexander Klyuev and other members of the crew escaped with minor injuries. They were suspended from flying, and the commander of the crew (now former) received a 15 year prison term. After a retrial, the sentence was reduced to 6 years, which the offender served completely, having been released already in another country.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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