David Kurland: who in life was the protagonist of the series

Another 31/12/19 series David Kurland: who in life was the protagonist of the series “Likvidatsiya”

There are a few contenders for this role, the researchers of this topic (and indeed the lead actor, Vladimir Mashkov) argue that Dawa Gotsman — is a collective image.

Son Kurland hero Mashkov did not like

the Most popular version of that image Gotsman was written with Deputy chief of the Odessa criminal investigation Department, Lieutenant Colonel David Kurland starting with the ordinary police officer. In particular, this is the opinion of the veteran of militia of Odessa, Vassili Davidenko, head of the regional folk Museum of the internal Affairs bodies. Davydenko knew Kurland and confirms the rozysknik was a special talent in search of criminals, operative differed sharp mind, determination and enormous capacity for work.

Another veteran of the Odessa militia, the participant of the events referred to in “Liquidation”, Igor Bondarev, also notes the resemblance of the Gotsman-Mashkov with David Kurlander. But he adds: much of the picture does not correspond to historical truth, it is still more artwork than an attempt to portray the real events of the time.

a More radical assessments of the character, played by Vladimir Mashkov, the son of David Kurland, Anatoly, who at the time of release of the pictures was 74 years old. Anatoly Kurland also noted the resemblance of the actor with his father. But by the cinematic image, the pensioner is not liked — he believed that the filmmakers had distorted it and the nature of David Gotsman David Kurland quite similar. Son of the legend of the CID of Odessa, the creators of “Elimination” strongly offended by the fact that I did not consult with him when shooting. The grandson of a prototype, Vladimir Kurland, on the contrary, in an interview with the Fifth channel said, in character and in appearance “absolute hit” — “a person [David Curland in photos] — one-to-one Mashkov.”

Screenwriter of “Elimination”, Zoya Kudrya, stated: the actual prototype of the hero Mashkov little in common, except that only the name and somewhat similar appearance of the characters in the film could be called Karlanda, this name Coudray even better. But then it would have to be responsible for the accuracy of everything that is happening in the picture. And filmmakers such problem, originally did not set they filmed play, not a documentary. Therefore, to draw Parallels between the biographies of cinematic Gotsman and real Kurland makes no sense.

who else could write Gotsman

According to the author of the book “Gangster Odessa”, Victor Fitelberga-Blanca, at the time of the “liquidation” of 94-year-old David Kurland lived in Moscow. Another Odessa writer, Valery Smirnov, claimed that knew the real David Gotsman. He allegedly ended his life in Canada. However, these versions of conspiracy and nothing confirmed.

the Museum, Vasily Davidenko, gives several names of the Odessa police officers, who also could claim the role of prototypes David Gotsman, the most suitable biography among them, in his opinion, the chief of Department on struggle against gangsterism UQUD Odessa region Victor Pavlov: in the second half of the 1940s, in particular, managed to track down and neutralise the gang of 16 people who were engaged in robberies, robberies and murders.

What about the role he said Mashkov

Many journalists and critics compare the main characters of cult movies, domestic serials “the meeting Place cannot be changed” Gleb Zheglov (the most popular film role the role of Vladimir Vysotsky) and “Elimination”, where David Gotsman played Vladimir Mashkov, — it is noted that the Gotsman — a “new reading” of the image of Zheglov.

Actually, Vladimir Mashkov does not deny this: the actor has consciously sought to make Gotsman like sarovskogo overbright chief of Department on struggle against gangsterism from the film Stanislav Govorukhin, so to a certain extent the prototype of the hero is Vladimir Vysotsky as zheglova.

In General, according to Mashkov, the image Gotsman was a collective and the main character is prototype of Odessa Wednesday, napityvajut the crew of his special power and originality of the culture. Without it, says the actor, such a hero as David Gotsman, just would not come out.

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