Datsun is leaving the Russian market: it is the first carmaker fell during the crisis of 2020

Nissan, the owner of the brand Datsun, has announced his resignation from Russia, where the brand is represented by two models: on-Do and mi-Do. It appeared in Russia in 2014 and will now become the first brand that leaves the country in the Wake of the crisis of 2020.

Initially, the brand Datsun was used by Nissan to denote the exported models and on the world stage was more famous than the parent company. Then Nissan started to promote its own brand and Datsun disappeared from the scene. It was revived in the second decade of the XXI century on the rights of the low-cost brand for emerging markets. The range of models in different countries differed, and in Russia, have chosen a close cooperation with the AVTOVAZ: the two models Datsun (on-Do and mi-Do) was extensively redesigned Lada Granta.