Aric Almirola is residing the American fantasy, and he understands he’s a great deal of people to thank you for this.

“It only made me love the sacrifice, you know, living it firsthand… watching my father go to work each day and put his uniform and only really knowing and knowing what looks like and what sacrifice actually is,” Almirola stated during an appearance on The Fox Garage.

“Luckily for me, my father is still about. However, this weekend, even for its 600 Miles of Remembrance, we are going to have this chance to keep in mind the individuals who paid the ultimate sacrifice,” Almirola explained.

Monsoor was posthumously granted the Medal of Honor by President George W. Bush because of his valor at 2008 and also had a Navy Zumwalt class destroyer named after him.

“What a real action, and he paid the supreme sacrifice not just for them to remain alive, but also for our liberty, for me and you also get to do what we like to perform and reside in this fantastic nation,” Almirola explained.

Monsoor’s mum, Sally, delivered Almirola a notice telling him her son loved cars and also to go quickly.

“She advised me to make sure that I put the pedal to the metal with his title on the vehicle.”

Almirola will definitely be doing this as he seems to pick up his first win of this year and hit on his ticket into the NASCAR playoffs.

“It is only a unique occasion. You know, it is the longest occasion. Along with the stock car racing at 600 miles in Charlotte Motor Speedway, it is actually the test of machine and man, you know, attempting to drive yourself as a racecar driver in the car for four to four and a half an hour, occasionally five hours, depending on how the race plays out.”

Win or lose, he expects fans associate with the concept of this day.

“I think it’s significant that we do so, and I believe that it’s equally important that we do not forget that we do not only celebrate this on Memorial Day and on Veterans Day, we actually take with us during the course of a calendar year, there are people fighting for our freedom each and every day and we wake us up and we drink our coffee and we all go about our daily life with liberty, and we’re safe and protected in the best state of all, and it is not totally free. Our freedom isn’t free.”