Crush and carts from the 80-ies. Why Novosibirsk belongs to the drivers, not the poor-pedestrians

NGS recently published an article about the fact that even on the main street of Novosibirsk — Red Avenue — after costly repairs created hostile pedestrian environment. People are unable to transition to get to the alley, forced to work around long meaningless barriers. Dmitry Kosenko in his column discusses why our city is more designed for motorists, and pedestrians can only regret.

When I was a kid, I was also a pedestrian. I remember the endless walking through the streets, stomping on the stairs of the subway, the crush in buses and trams. In my opinion, nothing good, everything is slow. Now, when moving by car, pedestrian life in the city seems sort of retarded form of the dwelling when it is difficult to make a lot of things.