A woman aged 25 who was born in North Texas is now suing Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner, alleging that he is her biological father.

According to The Dallas Morning News Wednesday, Alexandra Davis claims that she was conceived by Jones and her mother Cynthia Davis in a Dallas County lawsuit.

According to court documents, Davis and her mother agreed to a settlement where Jones would financially support them as long as they did not publicly identify him as their father. According to court documents, a hearing has been set for March 31.

Alexandra Davis asks the court to declare that Jones’ agreement with her mother is invalid. If Jones attempts to prove her father, she will not be legally bound. Jones denied that he was her father at the time of the 1998 agreement.

The documents were temporarily sealed so that Jones could hear their request to keep them secret from the Associated Press.

Alexandra Davis and her lawyer could not be reached by the newspaper for comment. Her mother did not respond to the newspaper. Jim Wilkinson was a Jones spokesperson and declined to comment to the AP.

Court documents show that Cynthia Davis was divorced from her husband at the time she met Jones. According to court documents, she was working as a ticket agent at American Airlines’ Little Rock airport.

According to court documents, Jones “pursued Cynthia Davis” and the couple began a relationship. It is not clear how long the relationship lasted.

Alexandra Davis was born Dec. 16, 1996. Cynthia Davis and her husband filed for divorcement shortly thereafter. Genetic testing revealed that Alexandra Davis wasn’t the daughter of Cynthia Davis. Court documents stated that he was not required to pay child support after the divorce was completed. Alexandra Davis also did not have a legal dad.

According to the lawsuit, Cynthia Davis informed Jones after receiving the test results that he was Alexandra Davis’ biological father. Court documents show that Jones told Cynthia Davis that Jones was unable to have children.

Jones and Gene were married in 1963. Their three children all play a role in the Cowboys’ front office. Jerry Jones is the general manager and team president.

According to court documents, the settlement provided for Cynthia Davis to receive a lump sum payment in the amount of $375,000 and Alexandra Davis to receive “certain monthly and annual funding” from trusts until Alexandra turns 21. Also, the younger Davis was eligible for lump sums at her 24th, 26th and 28th birthdays.

According to the newspaper, Alexandra Davis and her mother appeared in the final season on “Big Rich Texas,” a Dallas-area reality show. Representatives for Cynthia Davis stated that she was currently living off a trust account.

According to court documents, Alexandra Davis was born in Dallas and graduated from Southern Methodist University. According to the lawsuit, Jones was in touch with Cynthia Davis but they have never met.