Andrew Brady, a former reality TV contestant pleads guilty for harassing GB News presenter

Caroline Flack’s ex-fiance, Dan Wootton, was accused by Caroline Flack of being a murderer as well as a sex offender. A court has been informed.

In a series messages that were sent over a two-month period, a Sheffield judge heard how Andrew Brady, who is now a columnist at MailOnline, compared Wootton to Harvey Weinstein.

Brady claimed he was on a “crusade” against Wootton, posting on social media: “I feel the need to get rid of him once for all today.” He stated that he intended to end Wootton’s career and “deal with” Wootton, and repeatedly stated that he wanted to see him jailed.

Flack and Brady were briefly engaged when Flack died in 2020. Wootton was a Sun celebrity reporter who had written regularly about Flack. Brady had blamed Wootton for Flack’s death.

Brady, 31 years old, pleaded guilty Tuesday to harassment at Sheffield crown Court in relation to the messages. Brady will be sentenced for the offense on Friday, which can lead to a maximum term of six years in prison.

Originaly, he had pleaded not guilty for a more serious charge of placing Wootton at risk of violence. The case was scheduled for a week-long trial, but Brady’s behavior in court caused legal problems that led to Brady spending Christmas in jail on remand.

Laura Marshall, the prosecutor, told the court that Wootton was consulted about Brady’s decision not to plead guilty on a lesser charge of harassment. This brought an end to the legal proceedings. She stated that the GB News host “simply wants the conduct to end.”

According to the court, Brady had made online comments about Wooton near the anniversary of Flack’s death in 2021. The threats included voicemails to Wootton expressing a desire to have “matters settled by violence”. A court heard that Brady also posted an explicit photo of himself online and invited Wootton into sexual activity.

Brady’s lawyer stated that Brady would defend himself against the charges based on freedom of expression against a public figure keen to make private matters public. However, the case will not go to trial.

Brady was told by Judge Richardson: “I am happy that this case has, finally, been resolved.” On Friday, you will be sentenced. As I’ve made it clear, everyone in this case wants you to stop doing the same thing that you did. It is important that you move on with your life.