Bullfighting in the Plaza México, the world’s largest bullring, has been banned until further notice following a lawsuit by animal rights activists.

Both the plaintiffs and the operators of the arena informed about the court decision on Friday, which can be appealed against. According to the ruling, the fights in the arena in Mexico City, known as “Fiesta Brava”, will be suspended pending a decision on their constitutionality.

“First step of justice for the bulls!” wrote the animal welfare organization AnimaNaturalis México on Twitter. It is now a question of continuing to fight until a final ban on bullfighting is achieved.

Along with other organizations, AnimaNaturalis had asked the court for a ban on the grounds that the capital’s constitution stipulates that animals should be protected and treated with dignity. The company that runs Plaza México said it would pursue all legal remedies to defend “Mexican customs and customs.”

The Plaza México has more than 41,000 seats – the world-famous bullring Las Ventas in Madrid, on the other hand, only offers space for almost 24,000 spectators.