Could the Nazis looking for the Holy Grail in the Crimea

History 27/01/20 Could the Nazis looking for the Holy Grail in the Crimea

Despite the fact that interwar Germany was a Christian country with religious views of some top Nazi officials were far from Evangelical. The formation of Nazi ideology, relying primarily on a theory of racial superiority of the “Aryans” over other races and peoples, accompanied the activity of a different kind of occult, mystical and neo-pagan societies, which was the nearest environment of Hitler himself. In this case, the source of inspiration for these societies were and Norse mythology, and Sanskrit, and runic inscriptions, and the legend of the Holy Grail, and the history of the “Aryan” race. It is possible that for this reason, in recent time the Internet and other mass media publications have appeared that the Nazis were looking for in the Crimea (namely, the medieval settlement Mangup) famous Holy Grail.

What is the Holy Grail?

According to medieval legends, from that Cup you ate during the last supper, Jesus Christ; in it, Joseph of Arimathea collected the blood from the wounds of the crucified Saviour. Later with miraculous properties the bowl was missing, or, according to another version, was hidden. Finding this amazing subject was engaged in a variety of historical figures from medieval European monarchs to modern esoteric. The search for the Holy Grail is also a Central part of stories about the adventures of the legendary king Arthur and the knights of the Round table.

the Theory about finding the Cup of the Holy Grail in the Crimea

for the First time the hypothesis that the search for the Cup of the Holy Grail in the Crimean context it appears in 2006 in a popular book by A. V. Vasiliev and M. N. Evtushenko “Mystery of the Theodoro Principality”. In it, the authors write the following:

“Why the Nazis thought that the Grail is in the Crimea? Perhaps they knew about the expeditions [AV] Barchenko. Perhaps they are focusedis the opinion of the reputable Bible scholar and orientalist, Randall Harris. The last was sure that the Grail may reside in Tauris, and at one time believed that he was able to become the owner of the Holy Cup. In February 1927, the Madrid newspaper “La Estera” posted a photo of a glass bowl without handles and the base with the comment Harris. This bowl was found during an expedition to the Crimea, and Harris argued in favor of the fact that she could be the Holy Grail.”

Next Vasiliev and Evtushenko say that in the years of the great Patriotic war, the quest for the Holy Grail in the Crimea was engaged in the brigadeführer Ludolf Alvensleben and Otto Ohlendorf. For more details about the search for the Holy Grail in the Crimea was also placed A. V. Vasilyev, on a specially created for this website.

exposing the failed myth of the A. V. Barchenko

Try to verify this information. Let’s start with the A. V. Barchenko. For Vasilyev and Evtushenko, Barchenko was a Russian fiction writer, doctor of medical Sciences, was interested in occult and mystical phenomena. In 1927, according to them, Barchenko and several of his colleagues led some so far little-known science research in the territory of the Crimean cave cities. In 1938 Barchenko was shot, leaving the NKVD compiled before his death, a detailed report on their research activities. What was written there, unknown to this day, however, as hinted in his book Vasiliev and Evtushenko, the content of this report is deliberately kept secret by the officials of the security services. As is clear from the above quotes from the book, Barchenko could do in the Crimea search for the Holy Grail.

However, on 3 September 2011 in an interview with the online newspaper “New Sevastopol”, Vasilyev found the courage to admit that in his book he and his co-author fell for false information about the expedition Barchenko, left V. Demin, writer and promoter of the heritage Barchenko. So the Grail in the Crimea, Barchenko sought.

Researcher Randall Harris and his article about the Holy Grail

However, Vasilyev and Evtushenko mentioned that about the presence in Crimea of the Holy Grail wrote “authoritative Bible student and orientalist, Randall Harris.” But here, the authors are far from the truth. The Spanish newspaper “La Estera” actually published in 1927 a report about the article Randall Harris with a photo of a glass bowl without handles, allegedly found during expedition in the Crimea. However, the Spanish journalists, as well as Vasiliev and Evtushenko is clearly wishful thinking.

We managed to find the original English version of the article Harris “Glass bowls first century,” published in the 11th number of rare magazine “the Bulletin of the Library of John Rylands” in 1927. In it, Harris did not even hint at the fact that in the former it has a glass bowl the I century, as mentioned, the authors write, “could be the Holy Grail”. Scientist and Bible student by Randall Harris (1852-1941) was really written in 1927 a scientific article that, in his opinion, the Cup from which Jesus ate at the last supper, was to be made of glass, with the Greek inscription on the side. As sample vessels, which could be like the Holy Grail, the scientist cited in the article pictures of six famous glass chalices of the first century B. C. One of them, became his property, the so-called “bowl Wiegand” (Wiegand”s cup), according to Harris, “was found in the Crimea, or the like, may need to be clarified during the excavation of Olbia.”

Given that the Greek colony of Olbia was not in the Crimea, and near the modern Nikolaev, already this clarification removes the Cup from the Crimean context. In addition, once again, Harris thought that the bowl Wiegand could be like the Holy Grail. The fact that this bowl could be the Holy Grail, a scientist and never claimed.


All of the above leads to the conclusion that the German authorities had no reason to seek the Holy Grail in the Crimea. The Nazis really could expect anything, given the aforementioned hobby of the Supreme circles of the Nazi party (especially Himmler) with the occult and mysticism. Nevertheless, the available archival and published sources and research literature do not say anything about the alleged search for the Holy Grail by a group of Ludolf background Alvensleben or Otto Ohlendorf on Mangup. Punisher Ohlendorf left the Peninsula in July 1942. Alvensleben actually visited Mangup 14 July 1942, however, no excavations or scientific research, neither he nor other Nazi military officials or scientists on Mangup were not.

Thus, the story of the search for the Holy Grail in the Crimea should take place among the unscientific myths, along with stories about the Crimean pyramids and other pseudo-historical tales, so willingly created by the recent so-called “history buffs”.

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