Could the 58th army to take Tbilisi in August 2008

Another 07/01/20 News FrontМогла whether the 58th army to take Tbilisi in August 2008

Marks 11 years since the beginning of the Georgian-Ossetian military conflict. Opinions about the war vary, polar, and point of view about the combat readiness of the Russian troops took an active part in it.

the widespread story of “the officer who stopped the attack on Tbilisi” is one of the evidence that supposedly confirms the incapacity of the Russian paratroopers in the war with Georgia.

Where did the “the story of the officer”

It was voiced in an interview with “new York times” Makienko, K. and Pukhov, R., called “authoritative members of the Russian expert community”. Experts gave this example to prove the disorganization of the Russian troops, which, according to them, there were problems even with communication. Supposedly our paratroopers did not set specific tasks, and if they did not stop the notorious staff officer (nor any of its data or subdivision Makienko, and Pukhov not named), the Russian troops in August 2008 could go to the assault on Tbilisi.

the Theme of “newdate” Georgian capital, in interviews, voiced by Dmitry Medvedev (2008 — the President of Russia) and Lieutenant-General Anatoly Khrulev (then commander of the 58th combined arms army, took part in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict).

Task to take Tbilisi was not put

Dmitry Medvedev in a recent interview with “Kommersant” stated that purposeful restraint in this case was motivated by a desire not to aggravate the situation in the region and desire to maintain peaceful relations with Western countries, closely followed the developments in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict. According to Medvedev, for Russia it is important to prove that the original conflict was provoked by the Georgian side, and eventually the international Commission confirmed it. Dmitry Anatolyevich said, Thuabout that he, as Supreme commander, gave the order to stop the offensive of the Russian troops, when they were a few dozen kilometers from the capital of Georgia.

“Could take, and would take. The order was not”

That the commander in 2008 the 58th army, General Anatoly Khrulyov, voiced in an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. Anatoly Nikolaevich was convinced that the level of combat readiness of Russian troops was enough to fulfill any combat mission that they were able to put in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, including occupation and Tbilisi.

“communication Problems”, according to A. N. Khruleva, was not technical — to make independent decisions, according to Lieutenant-General, had forced him to “rubber” the Directive of the General staff of the “action situation”. Khrulev took responsibility, and the actions of his subordinates was effective and successful — offensive tactics of the Russian troops “forced the Georgians to skedaddle”.

Anatoly denies the lack of technical equipment and the low qualification of officers of the 58th army — according to him, the equipment, passed both Chechen campaigns, although he was old, but technically still serviceable, and the officers had sufficient training and set before them combat tasks performed.

Insinuations about the disorganization of the Russian troops in the Georgian-Ossetian conflict A. N. Khrulev considers an attempt to find the extreme. According to Anatoly Nikolaevich, in all the key disadvantages in this case should not blame the army, and the then leadership of the Ministry of defense.

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