As one of the measures with respect to the corona virus can easily work from home with a cat and a laptop on my lap, the other should be an empty train driving, without a toilet break for goods carrying or required to take unpaid leave.

As Romy (21), who works as a flight attendant for a European lowbudgetluchtvaartmaatschappij. “I have been living in Italy for a few days in the Netherlands, so when I heard that all flights have been cancelled. In the weeks leading up to the actual outbreak, was already encouraged in order to of unpaid leave, but now it’s Italy all the way in the slot. Everyone now have to take unpaid leave until the 8th of april, or otherwise, right now, you have paid vacation days on.”

“I like to think I have a black and a job to find.”

Romy, a flight attendant

“It’s pretty silly. All of the competition have been shut down. Otherwise it would be KLM in may with a round to do so”, says Romy. “I don’t know what to do, how to do, in terms of money. I live in Italy and thankfully we are getting there what is the pay for the gas, water and electricity. I guess I’m just a black with a job to find. The union says that the unpaid leave of absence due to the carrier as soon not know it, but we do have money should be given. I’m just curious!”

” Where are we going?’

humanity is gone, ” says Roger Hellebrand (54) as a truck driver for goods to be transported. “I will allow myself to be a Oostblokchauffeur to wash my jerrycannetje in the truck. The distribution is no longer in order to go to the toilet or take a shower. I have a wooden toilet seat, in the car, so I’m on the fence for my needs, and colleagues to sit down with the buckets, and garbage bags. Where are we going?”

“I am myself a Oostblokchauffeur to wash my jerrycannetje in the truck.”

Roger Hellebrand, a truck driver

“I can just wash my hands, with a mask on, a hair-net to wear, not a problem, but companies are terrified that their staff in the corona and, therefore, you don’t get into it. And we will continue to fifteen hours a day at work, that was for sure. As: when I’m tired, this kind of vehicle might have a weapon. We don’t even drink coffee or have a rest at any time.

‘be Cheaper to get the train to empty it, then cancel,’

finally, In (36) would most like to ride: she is a train driver on the railways and the drive is virtually empty trains in the country. “It’s cheaper to take a train, leave the field blank then for him to be able to cancel it. The drivers, conductors and service personnel, the men in uniform coming just to work, but with strict orders as may be pinbetalingen, the traveller, the public transport chip card in the card reader on the conductor to stop, and all of the staff have a small bottle of disinfectant to be received.”

“If the trains are running, people will be less afraid.”

In, driver

“It is on a leave of absence to go home, send of the is reflected in the staff’s not going to happen, because we all have a duty of transport, just as in human resources for health have a duty of care to. In a time of war, we will just have to be called to get the trains to stop. We will continue to empty of trains, that will help people to paniekgevoelens to go. If the supermarkets are kept open and the trains are running, people will be less afraid. It doesn’t feel meaningless.”

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