Under the banner of #CoronaCooking and QuarantineFood the world, the canning and fermentation of the shot. It’s the perfect time for a home-cooked slowfoods, such as kimchi, kombucha, and apple rabarbermoes. Or sourdough bread. NOW.en editor-in-chief Lisa Peters explains how you have such a lovely loaf of bread on the table and make a move.

The only other thing you’ll need is flour, water, and a good deal of patience. Think of it: with a lovely loaf of bread, and a delicious smelling kitchen as well as a guaranteed boost in popularity among your family members.

sourdough bread you make without yeast. In order for the dough to rise, you can use a hand-made ‘starter’ – for me, at home, also known as ‘the monster,’ as they are called, because every day is fed and grows very slowly.

as For the starter, you will have a week-long, two-minute-per-day, in the kitchen, the lactic acid bacteria and natural yeasts do the rest for you. You can then use as an authentic bakery in the marketplace. However, at 1.5 m distance in all eight, of course.

desemstarter Ingredients: rye flour* the flour-water
*organic grocery stores, including Ekoplaza, the shelves are still full of flowers. Advantage: you have the same organic loaf of bread.

you can Mix 100 grams of rye flour and 100 ml of water, with a spatula in a bowl or glass jar. Cover with a tea towel and set aside at room temperature. This is the top of the starter, which is about the thickness of Greek yogurt.

you can Stir your starter on. Then, add 50 g rye flour, 50 grams of ‘normal’ flour and 100 ml of water and add it to your launcher. Mix well with a spatula and set aside.

This is desemstarter is in the light of the bubbles, is almost ready for use (Image: 123RF).

you can Add 25 grams of rye flour, and 25 grams of flour and 50 ml of water. Mix and let it rest. Somewhere in the middle of the week and arise as bubbles. The good news is that the monster is in it to ferment, and nearly ready for use. The bubbles on the way? The rudder only, and it feeds until the next morning. Press and hold after baking bread with a small amount of starter, that will take you through a day to day basis to feed back on the volume for the next brew.

bread Ingredients: 300 grams of desemstarter 250 grams of rye flour and 300 grams of flour, 2 table-spoons of salt in 250 to 300 milliliters of water,
Mix together the flour and salt into a large mixing bowl. Make a hole and pour it fry the starter and the water. Now we have the big ‘scoop up’, then go to a nice, elastic ball of dough is created that all of the flour has been included. Knead by hand a few times and let it rest in the bowl under the cloth.

the Shape of the elastic dough a few times by hand. (Image: 123RF).

The deegbol is so big and fluffy now. Work with m again. Place a sheet of baking paper in a cast iron frying pan (or a cake mould and place on top of dough. Moisten if necessary with the sesame seeds and cover them with a piece of cloth.

pre-Heat the oven to 220 degrees celsius. Place the cast iron pan with a lid, in the middle of the oven. Remove it after twenty minutes with the lid off, and pour in a pan of water on a hot plate in the bottom of the oven; this allows for a crunchy exterior. Tap in after another twenty minutes, with a spoon on the top. Sounds like the crust to be crispy? Then it is ready. Serve with a layer of butter cream.

A white leavened bread with sesame seeds, and a roggezuurdesembrood with pumpkin seeds (Photo: private collection of Lisa Peters)
then Mix in the scoop up a hand of walnuts, pumpkin seeds, or sunflower seeds in the dough. For a lighter, more bread flour than rye flour.