Conflict areas: the Lublin outdoor fitness equipment set football box

was Hoping to win friendship, but instead unleashed a conflict: landscaping Playground in Lublin divided the residents into two teams. First, they repaired the old soccer box, and then installed outdoor fitness equipment in the middle of the playing field. This space optimization is relished not for everyone.

It’s like a new sport — soccer with obstacles. To bend the metal guys are already almost got used. Employees of local “Justices” have installed the equipment directly on the football field.

Thought that a good site, they changed the field. Now again they put the gym — how to play?

the Authors of this reconstruction, of course, say the new word in football. For example, the goalkeeper of the defending team, if he’s really bored, can take a few steps and to start individual training.

This is the only football ground for a few yards. For her many years of playing both children and adults. When there started a reconstruction, at first, everyone was excited.

– Made markings which we have not seen all these 25 years, there was lighting in the evening here, too, can play. Appeared basketball backboards — that is, the players could play.

But the happiness was short-lived. Artificial turf in a few weeks, started to drill and pour the concrete.

I was dumbfounded, I thought that was just placed, painted, waiting to dry. But when I saw that it is a week, two, month — I have no words to describe this idiocy!
– what happened, otherwise, how absurd to not be called.

it Turned out, several residents of the house were unhappy with the noise from football pitches, held a meeting of owners, and taking more than half the votes, wrote an appeal in zhilischnik: replace football field with the machines.

– And so we have until one o’clock to two o’clock in the morning there was banging on the ball, until people came out and the ball was taken away. I’m happy to come!
– you can’t sanimaetsya!
– have You seen me? Every morning, I come in at 7 in the morning here to do. They’re all liars!

In the end, the utility apparently decided to cater to both, setting the trainers right in front of a football goal, moreover, what ridiculous, and even unsafe.

– Children playing in one of the gates, balls flying here, and the children run and fight about these posts!

In “the Agency” explained that everything was done as wanted residents, based on the minutes of the meeting. The field is under reconstruction. The second part will soon be a children’s Playground, and gates and basketball hoops will be removed.

“the Second half we moved back to 2020. That is, in this comprehensive improvement this year will be considered the second half of the Protocol. We’ll set up a Playground”, — said the head of the GBU “zhilischnik of the Lublin district” Valentin Turkin.

Those residents that football ground, complained to the head of the district and plan to hold another meeting to bring this back as it was.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”